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State of Decay: Lifeline is the second DLC for State of Decay. It was released 30th May 2014.


Lifeline is the second DLC for State of Decay. It is set in the city of Danforth and focuses on a group of US Military soldiers.

The player controls Greyhound One — a small surviving unit sent to the fallen city of Danforth to rescue scientists, researchers and civilians who are deemed critical to investigating and fighting the outbreak.


  • A new story and missions revolving around the military involvement in the outbreak.
  • A new map; considerably more urban than Trumbull Valley.
  • New 40 Firearms, many of which are of military-grade.
  • New traits and character information.
  • New vehicle, the Military Pickup.
  • New Lifeline: Siege feature.
  • Danger Zones
  • New Radio Options
  • Multiple Possible Endings

Differences between Lifeline and Story mode[]

New Day[]

Instead of using real-time for a day to pass like in Storyline Mode and Breakdown, In Lifeline the day passes right after completing the mission Lifeline: Siege.


These missions are specific to the State of Decay: Lifeline DLC.



State of Decay Lifeline DLC Trailer-0

Official State of Decay: Lifeline trailer.