"We could start gathering some books and put together a reference area."
Facility-build (5)-library

The Library is used to research upgrades to unlock new facilities and items. It can also be rented out to neighboring survivors in exchange for Ammo if sufficient fame and trust with them is achieved.

Facility bonusesEdit

  • Store of Knowledge: "By sharing knowledge, we all improve our wits faster." REQUIRES GOOD RESEARCHER.
  • Scientific Principles: +300% research speed. REQUIRES GOOD RESEARCHER.


  • Research Greenhouse Gardening (1 hour 20 minutes): This would improve food yields from our garden. Requires a Garden
  • Research Biodiesel (10 Food, 1 hour 20 minutes): Would let us convert Food to Fuel. Requires Storage Area
  • Research Chemical Incendiaries (5 Fuel, 50 Influence, 1 hour 20 minutes) Unlocks the ability to create Chemical Incendiaries. (Requires Medical Lab and Munitions Shop.)
  • Research Potent Homemade Stims - Would allow us to create more effective stimulants (Uses up Medical Supplies). Requires Medical Lab
  • Research Box Mine (1 Ammo, 1 Construction Material, 50 Influence, 1 hour 20 minutes) Unlocks the ability to create Box Mines. Requires Munitions Shop
  • Research Whistling Box Mine (1 Ammo, 1 Construction Material, 50 Influence, 1 hour 20 minutes)- Unlocks ability to create land mines that attract zombies. (Requires Munitions Shop, Unlocked after researching Box Mine )
  • Research Pipe Bomb (1 Ammo, 50 Influence, 1 hour 20 minutes) - Unlocks ability to create pipe bombs. (Requires Munitions ShopUnlocked after researching Box Mine)
  • Research Steel Pipe Bomb (1 Ammo, 1 Construction Material, 50 Influence, 1 hour 20 minutes) - Unlocks ability to create improved pipe bombs with more shrapnel. (Requires Munitions ShopUnlocked after researching Pipe Bomb)
  • Commerce: Library Access (10 Influence) Gain +2 Ammo for providing library access to another group of survivors (Usable once every 1.5 hour real time)


  • An indoor library
  • An outdoor library


  • Research done in library is kept when the player removes it, relocates home sites or (in Breakdown) moves to the next level.

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