"PERSONAL SKILL. People are inclined to listen to me and do what I say."

Leadership is a personal skill that give bonus to Friendship (survivor's Trust) gained for completing missions (such as recruiting or rescuing other Survivors) or certain actions (such as cheering them when they kill a zombie). As a result, it is best to have the character with highest Leadership go on recruiting mission so that the recruited survivors' Trust level reaches "Friend" as soon as possible.


"A Gifted Leader leads from the front lines, getting into the thick of it with their people and encouraging others to be their best."

Leadership is gained by killing zombies when accompanied by other survivors or completing certain Missions (such as Morale missions)

Leadership level DetailsEdit


  • Default (level 1) bonus to Friendship Gain is +10%
  • The "points" part is data taken from game file (presumably XP requirement). Needs more testing.
  • Leveling up Leadership does *NOT* gain Fame.
Level Points Description Benefits
2 100

Trust me.

  • Friendship Gain +25%
3 200

I know what I'm doing.

  • Friendship Gain +40%
4 200 Nice of you to see things my way.
  • Friendship Gain +55%
5 300 Follow my lead!
  • Friendship Gain +70%
6 300 I've gotten us out of worse spots than this, right? Just stick with me.
  • Friendship Gain +85%
7 400 When this is all over, I should run for President!
  • Friendship Gain +100%
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