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Landing Zone-Fix
"Our only gateway to the outside world."

The Landing Zone is a facility introduced in the DLC Lifeline. Located at the center of Black Friday base, it serves as the drop zone for extra weapons and resources, as well as the extraction point for civilians and high-valued targets.

Facility BonusesEdit

  • Drop Zone: Our LZ is highly visible from the air, and makes a great drop zone for supplies from HQ.


Basic Supply DropEdit

A simple survival package. Just enough to keep us going.



Materials DropEdit

A package of military construction materials, with a few other supplies to keep our base strong.



Survival DropEdit

A package of lifesaving supplies, including food and medicine.



Munitions DropEdit

A well-stocked supply drop of army-issue munitions.



  • Drops: 10 Ammo
    • Sidearm ammo: 90 9mm rounds, 90 .45 Caliber rounds
    • Assault ammo: 180 5.56mm rounds, 120 7.62mm rounds
    • Special ammo: 30 .50 Caliber Sniper rounds, 120 12-Gauge Shotgun shells
    • Ordinance: 6 20mm Grenade Launcher Ammo, 3 Frag Grenades, 3 S-Mines, 3 Landmines

Weapons DropEdit

A supply drop containing two random weapons, extra mags, and some suppressors.



  • Drops: 2 random Lifeline-only firearms,
  • Items: 9 Homemade Suppressors, 3 Machined Suppressors

Long-range Supply DropEdit

A major supply drop called in from a more distant location. Requires sat-comms and a boosted signal.


300 Influence, Requires Electricity and Sat-Comms


  • Drops: 20 Food, 20 Medicine, 12 Ammo, 32 Material, 12 fuel.
  • 1 random Lifeline-only firearms;
    • Items: 10 Morphine, 10 MREs
    • Sidearm ammo: 60 9mm rounds, 60 .45 Caliber rounds
    • Assault ammo: 90 5.56mm rounds, 60 7.62mm rounds
    • Special ammo: 10 .50 Caliber Sniper rounds, 100 12-Gauge Shotgun shells
    • Ordinance: 6 20mm Grenade Launcher Ammo, 6 Frag Grenades, 6 S-Mines, 6 Landmines


  • After the first few missions, contact to Doghouse Actual will be lost and the player will not be able to use these abilities. After finishing the mission to recover Satellite Uplink and establishing contact with Highroad Actual, these abilities become usable again plus the new Long-range Supply Drop option.


  • The Supply Drop request function becomes unavailable after Contact with HQ was lost
  • A helicopter landing to extract VIPs