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Sergeant Kelly "Sasquatch" Eldridge III is a non-playable character first introduced in the Lifeline DLC of State of Decay and a non-seen character which can be heard in radio/audio transmissions in State of Decay 2 and on it's Daybreak DLC.

He is a playable character in State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition in the Breakdown mode after completing the "Operator" challenge.

Lifeline Edit

At some point after the first Siege, a new set of storyline missions will be unlocked, adding the colorful character Sasquatch to the mix.

He is first encountered in the mission Reinforce My Ass!, where he will be recruited into the Black Friday's community. Later on, he will ask to go on a specific series of missions which involve Hunting Freaks to get specific intel on them. After some hunt missions he dissapears, but it is found out carrying on a very specific Mission. The player's choice during this mission involving Sasquatch will determine the fate of Danforth.

  • He dosen't appears or mention something in the end-screen if The Nuke is armed and the city of Danforth is destroyed.
  • In the end-screen, he will threaten the player if the player chooses to disarm The Nuke in the final mission.

State of Decay 2 Edit

Unlike the first game, now Sasquatch can only be heard on radio transmissions, at some point he supports the Red Talon group as a independent investigator to find and discover the fate of some members (including Lt. Meredeth) which were a part of the failed Operation Drawbridge.

Daybreak Edit

In Daybreak, he is a non-seen Red Talon support member which is inside of a helicopter flying around the Relay tower, often spotting and saying the kind of Freaks are approaching the defenses or criticizing the player for their behavior.

Missions involving the character Edit

Lifeline Edit

Daybreak Edit

Pictures Edit

  • Kelly Eldridge III, "Sasquatch" model as in State of Decay 2, this model is unique among the standard Red Talon models, as this models feature the classic brown t-shirt which Sasquatch used in Lifeline, the code name of this model is HumanMaleRedTalon_v_Sasquatch.

Trivia Edit

  • Kelly Eldridge III introduces himself as "His Holiness Sergeant Kelly Eldridge III, Fucking Esquire".
  • The callsign of his "Sasquatch" is also another name for Bigfoot.
  • Despite being portrayed as a powerful character, he is relatively weak, therefore it is recommended to be extra cautious with him when doing his missions so he won't die.
  • There is a full unused model of Sasquatch with a Red Talon gear/attire inside the files of State of Decay 2, a modder can use a program and spawn the model, the file model is found as HumanMaleRedTalon_v_Sasquatch.
  • Voice Actor: Drew Hobson.

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