Job Wilkerson is a non-player character in State of Decay, part of the Wilkersons enclave who reside in the Wilkerson Farm. In the Breakdown DLC, Job is a Hero character titled "The Survivor".

Background Edit

Job is the the younger brother of Mickey Wilkerson and older brother of Eli Wilkerson. With a foul reputation around Trumbull Valley for employing unethical means to get what he wants, Job is distrusted by the populace and they tend to keep him and his family at arm's length, avoiding all contact if at all possible.

It is heavily implied that Job and Mickey have been harassing the local survivors by seizing their food and ammo to better their own protection, even going as far as to assault or even murder others simply just to net their supply.

Unlocking the character Edit

  • In Breakdown, Job Wilkerson can be unlocked from level 4, by scavenging 150 resources.

Trivia Edit

  • Job can be seen as the brains of the Wilkerson's, "operation/business". This is noted in his biography as well as in the characters.xml file, where his role is called "Story.HicksSchemer".

Gallery Edit

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