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Jacob Ritter is a playable character in State of Decay, part of the survivor group at the Church of the Ascension and is away on a mission when the player arrives. In the DLC Breakdown, Jacob is a Hero character titled "The Tragedy".

Unlocking the character

  • In State of Decay, after recovering from his injuries (he suffered from a Busted Leg when the player rescued him), Jacob leads the player to scout for new home sites, unlocking the mission "Home Away From Home" and subsequently, the ability to relocate home base. After that he becomes playable.
  • In Breakdown, Jacob is unlocked by letting a character get ripped apart by zombies.

Missions involving Jacob Ritter


Jacob's (and Lily's) mother died when he was 13, and Lily was diagnosed with Lupus shortly afterwards. As their father Thomas was unable to cope with the stress, much of the burden fell on Jacob. When he turned 18, he announced his decision to move away and attend Danforth College, which led to a huge fight with Thomas and they didn't speak for years. It is his first visit home since the fight when the outbreak starts.[1]

Furthermore, Jacob is in a relationship with Eli Wilkerson which his and Eli's families both disapprove.


  • Jacob's best childhood friend was Sally Savini who lived in the Savini Residence, a house which he is very fond of and recommends moving into.[1]
  • If Jacob dies, it is said that Lily Ritter, his sister, will become depressed.
  • Until the mission "Home Away From Home" is completed, Jacob cannot be killed.


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