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Inventory flare

Character's Inventory shown alongside a Supply Locker's content

The inventory is the space in which items and weapons are stored and kept on a survivor.

Carrying LimitEdit

There are two limits on the amount of items a survivor can carry: inventory slots and carry weight.

Inventory SlotsEdit

  • Without a backpack, all characters has 4 inventory slots. Having a Small Backpack equipped adds 4 slots and a Large Backpack adds 6 slots. Note that the backpack does not occupy a slot when equipped.
  • Once the inventory is full, the survivor cannot pickup any more items until they free a slot by destroying items they are carrying or depositing in a Supply Locker.

Carrying weightEdit

  • Carrying weight is the "soft" limit. It is unknown if there is a "hard" limit on how heavy a survivor can carry. Each survivor can comfortably carry up to a specific weight (35 lbs for Powerhouse characters, 20 lbs for everyone else). Exceeding this limit will encumber the character.
  • Encumbered survivors can still move at the same speed, but their stamina drains a lot faster (approximately 3 times faster) when sprinting, making it significantly more difficult to escape from an unwanted confrontation. Also, characters with "Bad back" trait regenerate Stamina 50% slower when encumbered. Backpack weight also counts towards total carrying weight.

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