An injury is a wound status in State of Decay that has longer-reaching consequences than a basic loss of vitality. Injuries are incurred during combat with undead, and some undead automatically cause injury during combat.


When a survivor is wounded while fighting the undead, a more severe injury than a simple loss of health may result. The types of injury vary, but the likelihood of an injury occurring increases as the survivor's health dwindles and he or she continues to take damage, as well as the increased probability of a more severe injury. Some freak zombies are capable of causing injuries with their attacks. Both Juggernaut and Feral zombies can injure a survivor with as little as a single successful attack.


Injuries reduce maximum available vitality until healed. The more severe the injury, the more seriously maximum vitality is reduced. Unlike the reduction of stamina due to "tired" status, which can be overcome with coffee or other stimulants, health-restorative items cannot overcome the vitality limitation imposed by injury.


While avoiding combat damage is the most obvious means of avoiding injury, testing has also indicated that a Training Area staffed with a fitness guru specialist can reduce the likelihood of random injury.


Rest is the most effective means of treatment in most cases. Provided a survivor is "benched" back at base and allowed to rest, he or she will recover typically within a day or so (as little as one to two realtime hours if the system is off). More severe injuries reduce the odds of successful recovery without additional resources.

Injuries can be treated by using the Medical Advice radio call when available. This call to Doc Hanson enables a survivor to restore vitality and remove some injuries by calling for advice.

Survivors who have internal injures, who been mauled, or who are listed as "gravely injured" may require medical resources to successfully recover. Gravely injured survivors in particular require a supply of medical resources at the home site to survive. While recovery is not assured, the survivor will have the best possibility of recovery if the base has a medical specialist (such as a doctor or paramedic), Medical Area, and adequate medical supplies.

If, however, the survivor does not recover, a mercy shot mission may result. Once this occurs, it should be considered a sign that recovery is less likely. Three options exist at this point: wait and hope for recovery; expel the community member; or put the community member down to prevent him or her from turning and causing additional injuries or deaths.

Types of InjuriesEdit

  • Broken Arm
  • Cracked Ribs
  • Mauled
  • Internal Injuries
  • Twisted Knee
  • Banged Up
  • Blood Loss
  • Serious Blood Loss
  • Busted Leg
  • Busted arm
  • Gravely Injured
  • Back Injury
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