"Cases of Ammunition are good for big trades. For little things, you just need a little INFLUENCE, be it goodwill or intimidation. Gotta pace yourself though. You can only push people so far on any given day, and then tomorrow's another story."

Influence is the respect earned by the player and their group of playable survivors. Its role is similar to currency, allowing the player to take supplies and weapons from the supply locker and perform various actions

The symbol for influence is a star inside of a circle, similar to a Sheriff's Badge.

Using Influence Edit

  • Taking items out of the Supply Locker costs Influence.
  • Asking a survivor to follow the player as backup costs 100 Influence.
  • Building and upgrading Facilities require varying amount of Influence, in addition to Material cost. Activating Facilities' abilities also cost Influence.
  • Using Radio Commands cost varying amount of Influence
  • Turning down requests for help requires Influence.
  • At the start of every day, Influence is reset to half of the player's Fame. If the amount of Influence exceeds that of Fame, it will gradually decrease until the amount is similar.

Gaining Influence Edit

  • Putting items in the Supply Locker.
  • Completing Missions (including Supply Runs).
  • Clearing Infestations (even when they are not part of a Mission).
  • Completing objectives/stages during missions (10 Influence are awarded for each Mission Progress).
  • In State of Decay 2 influence is also gained from killing freaks and hordes.
  • Destroying plague hearts.
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