High End Exotic Transparent

High End Exotic

General Information
"Carbon fiber, custom paint, high end shift knob. Compensating for shortcomings can cost a TON! Two racing seats included."
Technical Specifications
Acceleration 5/5
Top Speed 5/5
Handling 2
Durability 2
Seats 2
Inventory Slots 4
Color Schemes Orange-yellow with black stripes

Plain red (Dealership in Marshal Y.O.S.E.) White with ruby stripes (Lifeline only) Mint Green with black stripes (Lifeline Y.O.S.E. only)

The High End Exotic is a vehicle found in State of Decay, and its DLCs Breakdown and Lifeline. They are found relatively rarely scattered around Trumbull Valley and Danforth.


  • The High-End Exotic is heavily based on the 2004 Ford Mustang GTR Concept. It reads "Caballo" (spanish for a male horse) on the rear bumper.
  • A red version of this vehicle, without the performance trim, did exist during development of the game.  It was removed from the final version of State of Decay, but added back with Year One Survival Edition.
  • The High-End Exotic accelerates rapidly and can reach high top speeds even without a boost in seconds flat. However, it is a fragile vehicle and has sensitive handling, so inexperienced players are likely to wreck it if they are not careful.


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