Gurubani Kaur is a playable survivor added in the State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition. In the DLC Breakdown, Gurubani is a hero character titled "The Prodigal".

Characteristics Edit

Gurubani is a valued survivor to any community. She has several traits that make her adept on the field and in a home base.

In the field, Gurubani possesses the Reflexes skill which makes her a remarkable fighter. Her "Disciplined" trait gives her gives higher Cardio and she improves faster at combat. She is also admirable at scavenging due to her "World Traveler" trait.

As a community member, Her Research and Medicine skill makes her important to both a Library and an Infirmary.

Unlocking the Character Edit

  • In State of Decay and Lifeline, She can be called by Radio Command using the "Bonus Survivor" option. This option is only available if the player has imported a save from Xbox 360 or owns the original in their Steam Library on PC
  • In Breakdown, She is unlocked by default if the player owns the Year One Survival Edition of State of Decay and has imported a save from the original game.

Notes Edit

  • When called in, She comes "bearing gifts" in form of food, ammo and medicine.
  • The Talwar, Khanda and Wingate Commando are unique weapons that cannot be scavenged and Gurubani starts with them in State of Decay, Breakdown and Lifeline.
  • She is the only character to possess the Disciplined trait.
  • The Low Backpack she starts with is a large variant and while it does not affect the amount of slots it has, it has slightly less weight than the Large Backpack.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance may be a reference to Molly from Telltale Games' Walking Dead, as both characters wear a similarly colored hoodie and are noticeably nimble.

Gallery Edit

  • Gurubani's skills
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