Gun shops are buildings that before the events of State of Decay sold guns and ammo to the public for a variety of sports such as hunting and recreational shooting.

Locations Edit

There are two gun shops found in Trumbull Valley, one in the town of Spencer's Mill and one in the small city of Marshall. Gun shops are designated by map icons as an arrangement of three rounds of ammunition. While marked as warehouses or offices (in the case of Fairfield), buildings labelled with the sign Coach Seel's Man Cave are essentially gun shops, providing ammunition and at least one firearm. Coach Seel's Man Cave has three locations in Marshall, one in the downtown area, near the Swine & Bovine, and one near The Grange. There is also one location in Fairfield, located south of the post office and one in the Monroeville district of Danforth. This gun shop, Drake's Historic Cartridge Company and Gun Store also have two delivery trucks on the Danforth Beltway and in the Chinatown district. These trucks may carry multiple military grade or other rare firearms, as well as ammunition rucksacks.


  • The gun shop in the city of Marshall is a good place for an outpost if the player's home site is at Snyder Trucking Warehouse because it can intercept zombie hordes
  • Gun shops typically hold fairly rare loot such as firearms and ammunition. It is rare (but possible) to find higher tier weapons , but it is is more common to find the lower tier Pistols and Rifles.
  • There are other locations not considered Gun Shops by the game, but functioned as such in the in-game universe. These locations also tend to hold firearms and ammunition.
    • There are two such buildings in Marshall, marked as "Warehouses" on the map. One is between the Swine & Bovine and the actual Gun Shop in the industrial section of Marshall. The other is east of the Pharmacy and south of the Survey Point in downtown Marshall. A third example is at The Grange. All three buildings appear as metal industrial buildings with a large garage door. They are equipped with keypads beside the access doors, security cameras, and signs that say things such as "Coach Seel's Man Cave - Fuel - Firearms - Ammo - All Sales Final" and "Warning - Protected By Automatic Rifle".
    • Fairfield contains a location not considered a Gun Shop by the game. It is marked as an "Office" immediately beside the Post Office, northeast of the Bronto Gas Station. It is a small location with a security camera and firearms related posters inside. There is a caged area to the rear which contains metal lockers and a gun case.


  • There is a box of 9mm Luger on the shelf behind the counter.
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