• Ed with the GL M32
  • The GL06 Riot in action
Grenade Launchers
are among the most destructive weapons in State of Decay. Using the rare and heavy Grenade Launcher Ammo, each shot causes massive damage in a medium-large area. Thus, these heavy firearms are best saved for use against Juggernauts, or if they player feels generous, Infestations or Hordes. It is also advisable to keep allies and vehicles out of the blast radius.

Comparison of Grenade LaunchersEdit


  • Grenade Launchers cannot be suppressed.
Grenade Launcher Ammo Capacity Accuracy Noise Recoil Durability Weight (lbs) Scoped?
GL M32 Grenade Launcher Ammo 6 2 4 0 2 13.2 No
GL 06 Riot Grenade Launcher Ammo 1 2 4 0 5 4.5 No
CLEO GL40 Grenade Launcher Ammo 3 Yes


  • As part of the game design, AI-controlled characters don't consume weapon ammo. For this reason, equipping these characters with grenade launchers is a valid defense strategy. But only if you are okay with them accidentally blowing up your cars when they try to shoot incoming zombies.

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