"We don't drive enough for FUEL to be a concern for cars, but we may want it for making firebombs."

Fuel is one of the 5 resources in State of Decay. It is mainly used for making incendiary weapons and traps.

Usage Edit

  • Fuel is an ingredient for making various explosives such as firebombs, Flame Fougasses and Chemical Incendiaries.
  • Outpost option "Set trap for passing hordes" extends safezone size around all outposts. The effect lasts 1 in-game day and costs 1 Fuel.
  • The DLC Lifeline allows the player to consume Fuel to put Propane Tanks around the base to defend against zombie sieges. It is also used to power the Generator; however after the player completes the upgrade to Solar Power, Fuel is no longer needed.

Finding Fuel Edit

Fuel does not have a lot of uses, is never automatically consumed and can be infinitely created; thus, the lack of fuel is the least of the player's worries.

  • Food Storage's Create Biodiesel ability converts 3 Food into 3 Fuel (requires research at Library)
  • Each Fuel outpost increases daily Fuel gain by 3. However the outpost's supply cache will eventually run out.
  • Fuel can be found in jerrycans or barrels in gas stations, warehouses or construction sites. Bringing a rucksack of fuel back adds 5 Barrels of Fuel to resource supply.
  • The DLC Lifeline allows the player to request packages of Fuel to be dropped, using the Landing Zone

Types of scavengeable Fuel Resources Edit

The only known type is "Gallons of Fuel".

Name Description Break Open Amount
Gallons of Fuel FUEL RESOURCE. Great for making petrol bombs. Petrol Bomb 3-5
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