"Food and water are priority number one. Each case will feed several people for a day."

Food is the most basic of the 5 resources in State of Decay. It is not consumed directly by any survivor, but is subtracted from the base's stockpile when a new day (real-time) starts.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Food is consumed daily. Base consumption of food is equal to the number of (non-missing) survivors at the player's Home Site. Food shortage leads to hunger, which lowers survivor's morale, health and stamina. Moreover, survivors might even run away if they don't have enough food to eat.
  • Food can be converted to Fuel if the player has a Food Storage and has researched the technology at the Library.
  • The Food Storage's Preserve Food ability consumes some Food to lower the chance of food spoilage and food poisoning.
  • The DLC Lifeline allows the player to convert Food into MREs at the Mess Hall

Finding Food[edit | edit source]

  • Food can be found in various places, most commonly houses and warehouses. Bringing a rucksack of Food back to base adds 8 Daily Rations of Food to the resource supply.
  • If the player has a Garden (or Green House), a steady amount of Food is subtracted from the daily consumption.
  • Each Food Outpost reduces daily Food consumption by 3 (but increases Materials consumption by 1). However, the resource cache in outposts will eventually run out.
  • The DLC Lifeline allows the player to request packages of Food to be dropped, using the Landing Zone

Types of scavengeable Food Resources[edit | edit source]

There are roughly a dozen types of scavengeable Food Resources, with different appearances and descriptions. In addition, breaking them open gives the player slightly different Food Items.

Name Description Break Open Amount
Canned Goods FOOD RESOURCE. Soups, sauces, fruit, beans, and meat. Drink (Coffee, Energy Drink) 3-5
Cans, Jars, and Boxes FOOD RESOURCE. All foods that don't need to be refrigerated. Drink (Coffee, Energy Drink) 3-5
Cooking Supplies FOOD RESOURCE. Industrial-sized ingredients. Drink (Coffee, Energy Drink) 3-5
Baking Ingredients FOOD RESOURCE. Boxes of ingredients for baking. Snack 3-5
Breakfast Foods FOOD RESOURCE. Cereals and snack bars. Snack 3-5
Food Jars FOOD RESOURCE. All pickled or packed in brine. Snack 3-5
Pile of Vending Machine Snacks FOOD RESOURCE. A bunch of vending machine treats. Drink (Coffee, Energy Drink) 1-3
Several Pints of Honey FOOD RESOURCE. A massive amount of honey. Snack 1-4
Snack Food Boxes FOOD RESOURCE. A few of these might be stale, but they should still be edible. Snack 3-5
Snacks FOOD RESOURCE. A few of these might be stale, but they should still be edible. Snack 3-5
Stack of Food FOOD RESOURCE. It looks edible enough. Drink (Coffee, Energy Drink) 3-5
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