"If we're going to fight zombies, why not do it from a safe distance? Guns make a lot of noise and ammo is scarce, but I feel a hell of a lot safer with a gun handy."

State of Decay has a wide variety of firearms, including Pistols, Revolvers, Assault Rifles, Rifles, Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers. Each firearm requires a specific type of ammunition, and cannot be fired without it.

Firearms can be acquired by searching, or survivors can spawn with them. Some firearms come with scopes and/or can be fitted with suppressors.

Using FirearmsEdit

They can be reloaded in the following ways:

  • By aiming (pressing left trigger), and pushing the Y button,
  • By selecting the ammo from one's inventory, and pressing X for reload,
  • By selecting the ammo in a supply crate, and pressing X for reload (happens instantaneously this way).

Having the reload animation interrupted will cancel the reload action. Firing rate and reloading speed vary from weapon to weapon.

Some guns will feature variable firing modes (changed by holding the Left Trigger and pressing the A button).

Firearms can jam depending on a survivor's skill and will degrade with extended use. Maintaining weapons is a necessity to surviving, and can be accomplished with a Basic Workshop facility.


  • Firearms set 1
  • Firearms set 2
  • Firearms set 3
  • Firearms set 4

Each firearm has varied stats for:

  • Accuracy -this stat is entirely arbirtrary and is in no way a reflection of a gun's performance. Apart from SMGs and shotguns, no gun in SoD has a literal bullet spread. Accuracy is affected by the base amount of target reticule movement per shot and the rate at which the weapon is fired.
  • Noise - how much noise is made when the gun is fired. Any guns using .50 caliber ammunition are listed as volume 5 but are effectively louder than other volume 5 guns.
  • Recoil - how much kick the weapon produces when firing which translates to the amount the target reticule jumps per shot.
  • Durability - how many shots can be fired before the gun requires maintenance. This stat is specific to each firearm type. For example, a durability 5 rifle may not be able to fire as many shots as a durability 1 SMG.
  • Suppressor - whether the weapon can attach a suppressor (revolvers, shotguns, grenade launchers, and certain specific guns such as the .45 Justice rifle cannot).
  • Scoped - whether the weapon has a scope. This provides a true crosshair reticule instead of an open circle and also means the shooter can zoom in slightly while aiming.
  • Weight - how heavy the weapon is in pounds (lbs).
  • Magazine Capacity - how much ammo the weapon can hold in the magazine or clip. Many guns are capable of carrying an extra round in the chamber when reloaded with at least 1 round left.
  • Fire modes - semi-auto, burst-fire or full-auto. Only SMGs and assault rifles have the ability to switch between fire modes while LMGs are default full-auto and cannot be switched.
  • Influence Cost - how many influence points are gained by putting the weapon in the Supply Locker. When the player has maximum Trust within their community, cost to take out the weapon is 20% higher than the amount gained .

Firearm CategoriesEdit


  • Computer-controlled characters don't consume ammo when firing, and their firearms will not degrade either. Suppressors equipped on a firearm when player-controlled also do not degrade while the survivor is under computer control. This can be exploited by giving them high-powered weapons with rare ammo (like grenade launchers or .50 cal rifles) and equipping low-quality suppressors.