"BASIC SKILL. Sometimes the best defense is a lead pipe to the face. Other times, it's getting the hell out of the way."

Fighting is one of the four basic skills that every survivor has. Each level increases the character's maximum Health. Reaching Fighting level 4 unlocks Weapon Specialization, and a Special Technique is unlocked at level 7


Fighting, as well as Reflexes and Powerhouse and melee weapon specialization, is improved by killing zombies in melee combat (either unarmed or with a weapon). Killing enemies in rapid succession provides the "Slaughter" XP boost. The following traits reduce Fighting XP gain rate by half

  • Coward
  • Two Left Feet

The following trait double Fighting XP gain rate

  • Fast Hands

The Dojo's Combat Training ability, when activated, doubles XP gain rate


  • An effective, but risky way to train Fighting is to travel with another character and provoke a horde, then stay back until that character loses all health (he/she crouches down and cover the head as zombies attacks, similar to the player when in the near death "Press B to Stand up" state). The attacking zombies at this point are susceptible to instant kill button combination. Eat a Snack, rush in and start stomping on their heads. When the survivor stands up, all zombies nearby will be knocked down, again ripe for instant-killing.
  • The description for level 7 refers to another special technique: Brute Force. This seems to be have been cut.
  • According to game file, each single kill gives 10 points to Fighting, Slaughter gives a bonus of 20 points.

Fighting level DetailsEdit


  • The "points" column displays data taken from game file. Needs more testing.
  • For each gained level of Fighting, the player gains 1 Fame.
Level Points Description Benefits
2 100 No pain, no gain, right?
  • +5 max Vitality
3 200

After dodging, quickly press [melee_attack] for a damaging counterattack. (Must have melee weapon equipped.)

4 200 Let's just say I don't cry when I stub my toe. Any more.
5 300 Barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways, etc. etc.
  • +20 max Vitality
6 300 No, I'm not going to make a Black Knight joke here. Shut up.
  • +25 max Vitality
7 400 I am become Shiva, destroyer of zombies. (Core Specializations: Rage, Brute Force)

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