"Where the medics can do their work."

The Field Medic is a variation of the Medical Area, introduced in Lifeline. It is an essential facility which help soldiers recover from wounds, illness and injuries. An upgrade path allows the creation of more powerful painkillers and stimulant. Another upgrade path, exclusive to Lifeline, unlocks the Medical Advice radio command.

Facility BonusesEdit

Field MedicEdit

  • Free Health Care: +10 max vitality for everyone. 15% Recovery Chance from injury/ illness each day


  • Quality Health Care: +10 Max Vitality for everyone. 30% Recovery Chance from injury/illness each day.
  • Medical Professional: +20% Recovery Chance. REQUIRES TRAINED HEALER.

Medical LabEdit

Upgraded from Infirmary
  • All benefits of the Infirmary, plus:
  • Lab Equipment: Allows manufacture of painkillers and stimulants.


Upgraded from Infirmary
  • All benefits of the Infirmary, plus:
  • Surgical Facility: We can talk our soldiers through advanced medical procedures over the radio, restoring their maximum vitality. (Unlocks Medical Advice radio command)


All abilities requires a running Generator

Make Mild StimsEdit

Creates a few homemade Mild Stims

Make Potent StimsEdit

Creates a few homemade Potent Stims

Make Improvised PainkillersEdit

Creates some improvised Painkillers


Field MedicEdit

  • 2 Labor


  • 1 Labor

Medical Lab

  • 1 Labor


  • 1 Labor
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