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Snyder Trucking Warehouse with 6 slots for facility construction

Facilities in State of Decay are structures built in a Home Site to provide additional benefits (such as extra resources, healthcare, etc). Each homesite has a limited number of facilities that can be built. Once this limit is reached, the player has to destroy an existing facility to build a new one.

Built-in Facilities[]

All home sites come with several built-in (or pre-built) facilities. However, these facilities may not be immediately usable after the player moves in. Most of the time they are in disarray and require the player to spend a minimal amount of Influence to fix them up for use. The facilities in disarray are noted with a red icon in the base management screen.

All built-in facilities cannot be upgraded or removed.

Building and Upgrading[]

To build a facility, from the Base management screen, select an empty facility slot (marked by a blue square), and press the select/interact button. From the menu that appears, select the facility to be built on that slot.

Various facilities can be upgraded to improve their effectiveness. To upgrade a facility, select that facility in the Base management screen (note that the facility must not be built-in) and select the option to upgrade.

Usually, building and/or upgrading a facility requires spending Construction Materials and Influence, and some may require other resources such as medicine or ammunition.

Facilities have varying time requirement to finish building/upgrading, and it is affected by the following:

  • Having a character with Construction skill.
  • Bringing a Special Component (see section below) back to the construction site.
  • Using the radio call Construction Advice will instantly finish all building/upgrading projects being carried out.

Special Components[]

Building and/or upgrading Facilities, aside from needing resources, will often require the acquisition of some special components. Some time after beginning construction, progress will be halted and the player will be notified that a special component is needed.

This notification comes with a Magnifier Icon on the map. When clicked on, the icon disappears and a few Question Marks appear, marking a series of locations where the component might be found. The position of the Magnifier Icon and the question marks are randomized each time the game is loaded, unless one of the potential locations have been fully searched.

While the facility will eventually be completed without player's help, acquiring the component and bringing it back to the construction site will cut down construction time significantly and give a small boost to the survivor's attitude.

List of Facilities[]

Standard Facilities[]

All Home Sites have these.

Essential Facilities[]

These facilities are absolutely essential for survival.

Optional Facilities[]

These facilties are matter of personal preference


  • Outposts: These are not technically facilities and not inside the homesite, but have significant role in defending it and improve ease of exploring.


The DLC Breakdown adds a new facility

  • Busted RV: In each level, one must be found, repaired and refueled to enable the player to move up to the next level.


The DLC Lifeline introduces a new set of facilities for the base Black Friday. A few of them are exclusive to this DLC, while the rest are updated variants of existing ones.

New facilities
Updated variants