Enclaves are groups of (typically three) survivors outside of the player's community, who take refuge in buildings (which are usually empty houses, but sometimes potential home sites) to protect themselves from zombies.

Interacting with EnclavesEdit

Supply LockerEdit

Each enclave has their own supply locker, similar to the ones at the player's home site and outposts. In State of Decay, most if not all enclave's lockers have 3 types of "common" ammo (for example, .22 cal, 9mm and .45 Cal) ammo, with 28 rounds for each type, and consumable items (like Snack or Coffee).

Each enclave can have one or more resources that are "abundant" (displayed at the upper left corner of the screen, similar to resources in a searchable building). It seems to reflect the variety and amount of items they can have in their locker (for example, enclaves with good ammo supply can have ammo in higher numbers).

In the DLC Breakdown, enclaves' supply seems much more limited. It is not uncommon for their supply lockers to be completely empty. However, enclaves with good supply of items still spawn, presumably at lower probability.

In State of Decay 2 supply lockers are mostly absent from enclaves the exception being ones holed up in homesites. The enclaves trade menu is now accessed by talking to an enclave member and selecting trade with enclave, provided you aren't on bad terms with the group.

The items in enclaves' supply locker refreshes once a real-time day.

Gaining Trust and RecruitingEdit

How friendly the enclaves are to the player's community is represented by their Trust level. The higher Trust, the less Influence is required to take items from their supply locker (at maximum Trust, the cost is usually similar to taking from the player's own supply locker). Enclave Trust is gained by:

  • Finding their missing survivors when a "Scavenger?" mission pops up.

Letting these missions expire usually results in loss of trust. In some cases, the survivor(s) in distress might even die, reducing trust even more

Shortly after maximum trust level is reached (the player receives a "You rock!" note), Lily will forward a radio message from the enclave, saying they wish to join the player's community, and a Friendly Survivor mission will trigger. Recruiting is only applicable to randomly spawned enclaves, not those who are part of the storyline (see enclave types below)

Enclave types Edit

Named story enclaves Edit

Certain enclaves are part of the State of Decay storyline have characters essential to some missions. The inhabitants seem to be immortal, cannot be killed by zombies and cannot be recruited (with exceptions of Jess Cohen and Jackson Hollis of the enclave The Law).

Desperate survivors Edit

Enclaves labeled Desperate Survivors are created as part of a game missions at fixed locations and have random survivors. The inhabitants seem to be immortal, cannot be killed by zombies and cannot be recruited.

Random survivor enclaves Edit

These enclaves spawn at of random locations and have random survivors. The inhabitants can be killed by zombies and can be recruited.

Temporary EnclavesEdit

In State of Decay 2 temporary enclaves are formed due to the game generating survivor activity missions, these enclaves disband at the end of the mission when the player has the option to recruit the survivors or refuse to recruit them. These enclaves cannot be made allied enclaves and thus offer no max standing bonus.


  • (Unconfirmed) There appears to be a limited number of "slots" for survivor enclaves. Once the slots are filled, the enclaves will stop interacting with the player. This means that if the missions generating the Desperate survivors (the later Wilkerson Missions and Army Missions) are triggered, the number of enclaves might "max out", which means no more new enclaves appear and the existing enclaves do not generate new missions.
  • In State of Decay 2 there is a max number of enclaves that show up on the maps legend, while enclaves can form after that from survivors personal quest lines and other specific missions they may not ever get a map icon and thus can be hard to locate again.

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