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"Hey…I'm young, quick, and I got a big ass wrench! What could go wrong?"

Eli Wilkerson is a non-playable character, part of the Wilkersons enclave, in State of Decay. In the Breakdown DLC, Eli is a Hero character titled "The Bruiser".

Missions involving the character[edit | edit source]

Backstory and Personality[edit | edit source]

Eli is the youngest of the Wilkerson brothers, Job and Mickey Wilkerson. Even though he is a Wilkerson, Eli is a stark contrast to what his brothers are, being quite soft-spoken and is probably the least aggresive of the Wilkerson family. Despite their differences in character, Eli is shown to love his brothers very much. Not much is known about his role within the Wilkerson enclave.

The player first meets him when Lily sends them to help her brother, Jacob Ritter. During the mission, the player offers to bring them back but Eli refuses, explaining that he can't just ditch his brothers. He then escapes back to the Wilkerson Farm after the player sets up a distraction to secure a safe route for him.

Eli's next and final appearance is when the player travels to the Wilkerson Farm to retrieve Doc Hanson. Upon reaching the farm, it is learned that Eli is mortally wounded, implying that he might have been attacked by zombies during his earlier escape. After the player successfully defends the farmhouse from invading zombies, Doc Hanson reveals that there is not much he can do and that the best option is to grant him a mercy killing in order to prevent reanimation. The remaining Wilkerson brothers show distraught at his death and both refuse shooting him, leaving the player character to make sure he doesn't reanimate.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eli was in a relationship with Jacob Ritter, where both families were aware but not supportive of it.
  • In Breakdown DLC, Eli's Nimble trait is removed, and he is stuck with Heavy Weapon Specialization, despite not having the Powerhouse skill. This is probably done to highlight his "reckless hoodlum" description, though for some reason, his "Thinker" trait is still intact.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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