• Edged Weapon is a type of Melee Weapons in State of Decay. Weapons of this type are either blades or other miscellaneous sharp objects.
  • Before BD, there were no durability 5 edged weapons in SoD and the swords were the most sought-after blades. The Cutting Machine Blade added by BD is the only durability 5 edged weapon available as random loot and the Tactical Tomahawk, the other durability 5 edged weapon added by BD, is only found as default equipment on a single survivor (but has been found as random loot as well, further research required)
  • CLEO supply drops in YOSE might have a CLEO axe in them, another edged weapon with durability 5
  • Edged weapons have the fastest swing speed and lowest stamina cost of any melee weapon type. They can swing fast enough to even interrupt zombie attacks.

Notes Edit

  • Unlike Blunt Weapons and Heavy Weapons, edged weapons will almost never strike more than one zombie with a single swing.
  • Edged weapons lack the ability to knock over a zombie for a ground execution. This requires either a decapitation on a standing target or another melee attack, such as a drop kick, to knock down then finish a target in order to achieve a kill.
  • Edged weapons have the slowest execution animations of any melee weapon; a decapitation, especially for a high-level edged weapon specialist, can often be faster than a ground execution. The only execution that can be performed at the same speed is from behind on a crouched target where the character leaps and uses both feet to smash the zombie's head into the ground.
  • The lower general durability of edged weapons is further hindered by the lack of knockdown power; without a ground execution, a kill for a standard survivor can requires upwards of 6 or more swings which can make edged weapons seem as if they require more frequent maintenance.
  • The Edged Weapon Specialization is often used only on survivors with either the reflexes or powerhouse trait.
  • Survivors with reflexes can use their spin kick or sweep kick move to more effectively counter groups while their faster stamina regeneration combined with the lower stamina cost of edged weapons makes them excellent for hit-and-run style tactics when taking on larger groups.
  • Powerhouse survivors have numerous benefits that make them excellent edged weapon specialists: their increased maximum stamina along with the lower stamina cost of egded weapons allows them to stay in combat for extended periods of time, powerhouse and edged weapon specialty both increase the chances of an instant kill to make a character that can kill nearly every walker they encounter with a single strike, the incredibly high amount of instant kills can offset the lower durability of edged weapons, and the incredibly high speed at which instant kills are achieved can negate the disadvantage of the slower execution animations.

List of Edged WeaponsEdit

Name Description Weight Durability Ratio (W/D)


Sweet movie prop replica 2.4 4 0.6

Cavalry Saber

Antique American Civil War replica 2.2 2 1.1


An entry level collector's sword

2.0 4 0.5

Fancy Machete

A typical garden store blade 1.3 2 0.65


A standard of wood sheds everywhere 1.2 2 0.6


Practice weapon from a martial arts studio 1.5 3 0.5


Good quality, well maintained blade 1.3 3 0.43


A quality blade, lightly used 1.2 3 0.40

Rusty Kukri

Stamped metal, abused 1.2 2 0.6

Rusty Machete

Cheap, chain-store blade 1.0 1 1

Short Wakizashi

Flimsy sword from a late-night commercial show 1.9 4 0.475


Antique show piece 3.2 2 1.6


Cheap replica of a brutal weapon 1.8 2 0.9
Wakizashi A late-night commercial treasure! 2.2 3 0.73

Lower Ratio = Better.

List of Edged Weapons added by BreakdownEdit

Name Description Weight Durability Ratio (W/D)
Igorot Axe Also known as a headhunting axe. 1.5 3 0.5
Pirate Cutlass A high quality antique reproduction from the late 1800's. 2.5 4 0.625
Movie Replica Axe One axe to rule them all. 2.6 3 0.86
Hedge Shears Broken hedge shears make a strong improvised blade. 2.0 4 0.5
Garden Limb Saw Still effective at taking off limbs, zombie limbs. 2.0 3 0.66
Cutting Machine Blade Created from an industrial cutting tool. Very sturdy. 1.5 5 0.3
Paper Cutter Arm Improvised. Does not hold an edge well. 1.5 2 0.75
Tactical Tomahawk Wait for it... a TACTI-HAWK! 2.5 5 0.5
Royal Igorot Axe A high quality antique headhurting axe. 1.2 3 0.4

Lower Ratio = Better.

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