Doc Hanson is an NPC in State of Decay. He plays an important part in a storyline mission and unlocks a useful Radio Command. In the DLC Breakdown, he is a hero character known as "The Healer".

Missions involving the character Edit

  • The Old Farmhouse: the player gets to the Wilkerson Farm to ask for Doctor's help in treating Ed's wound. If the player doesn't get to Doc Hanson in time, Ed will die from his wounds.
  • Help Doc Hanson: the player's response to a distress call from the doctor.

Special: Medical Advice Edit

After the player completes the mission "Help Doc Hanson", the radio command Medical Advice is unlocked. In the DLC Breakdown, having Doc Hanson in the community gives access to this radio command.

Backstory Edit

Before the outbreak, Doc Hanson was a doctor that tended to the medical needs of people living in the surrounding area. After the outbreak occurred, many people wanted to have him stay with them, but he turned everyone down, saying it would impede his ability to look after everyone. At the end of mission "Help Doc Hanson", it is revealed that he often goes to the cemetary near the Church of the Ascension to visit his deceased wife Gina, who passed away long before the outbreak.

Trivia Edit

  • In Lifeline, he can spawn as a "Civilian in Distress". His name is different, but the description is the same.

Gallery Edit

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