Character Info
Darryl-White-Portrait Darryl White

Micro-brewer who left the big city to open a small pub in town.

Traits Bro, Brewer, Loved Science Fiction, Total Lush
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Beer Pong, Cooking
Inventory Small Backpack, 700 Huntsman, Cracked Pipe

(Breakdown) Rusty Pipe, 2x Firebomb

Relations Unknown
Darryl White is a non-playable character in State of Decay and a playable character in the DLC Breakdown. While his last name is randomized, Darryl White is the name used in the game's file.

Missions involving the characterEdit


  • In storyline mode, Darryl White will only show up in the mission Nervous Survivor, if at all.


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