Danforth Map

Map of Danforth, with the Beltway and Danger Zone visible

Danforth is the map that is featured in the campaign of the State of Decay: Lifeline DLC. It is a city located to the northwest of Trumbull Valley, connected to the town of Fairfield via Route 18. Most of Danforth is shrouded in fog or smoke, so one can never have a clear look at the city's inner area. One can, however, make out numerous skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, indicating Danforth is a densely populated urban area.

History Edit

The city was most likely built up from a small town or settlement of some description, since there are a few smaller buildings spread around the city, including a few old mud roads around the city. Most likely the city experienced expansion and construction of newer, higher rise office blocks in the early 1920's, into the late 1970's, most of the buildings being of older designs, and others more modern construct, including a number of modernized houses around the city.

The city also appears to have been experiencing growth in the 2000's, since there are numerous building sites of small and large office buildings, and housing estates, including a large port cargo capacity, infering trade was certainly plentiful, and with a bustling motor trade industry in the city, including numerous billboards displaying medical supplies, clothing and radio stations, hosted by a number of radio channels throughout the city. The city also hosts a small amount of medical and pharmaceutical companies in the city, including the Human Future Trust fund, based in Danforth, or atleast; operating within the cities confines.

Current State Edit

The map of Danforth consists of the "inner city" which mostly consists of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, encircled by an elevated highway called the Danforth Beltway. Outside the beltway lie industrial areas, ports and residential areas.

Roughly a half of Danforth (entirety of the inner city and a few areas outside the beltway) are designated Danger Zone (colored red on the map). The Danger Zone's distinct characteristic are the high concentration of zombies as well as their heightened ferocity. The Danger Zone is walled off by vehicles wreckage, either due to accidents or some conscious efforts to contain the living dead.

Zombies inside the Danger Zone relentlessly pursue survivors that set foot here, however they don't stray too far from it without significant provocation from the player's part. Periodically, some zombies will form a Horde, leave the zone and proceed to Infest a random location.

Main locations Edit

The districts of Danforth are connected by the US Route 18 "Danforth Beltway" that circles the city's perimeter. This highway enables locals and visitors to make a complete circuit of the city from the comfort of the road. Unfortunately, it also allow zombie hordes to efficiently travel to all sections of the city with relative ease.

Danger Zone Districts Edit

  • Downtown Danforth: Located at Danforth south-central, this entire "inner city" high-rise buildings and skyscrapers district has been quarantined and declared a Danger Zone.
  • International District-Union Station: Located at Danforth north-central, the entire skyscraper district been quarantined and declared a "Danger Zone".

Safe Districts Edit

  • Thornhill Square-Tyron Plaza: Located at the south-western edge of Danforth, this abandoned shopping district serves as the "Black Friday" F.O.B. for the Greyhound military company.
  • Monroeville Financial District: Located at the south-central edge of Danforth. An Artillery Site is located near the Crashed Chinook helicopter, behind the Funeral Home.
  • Broadway Midtown: Located at the east-central edge of Danforth. A Drone Trailer is located behind the F.U.C.M.E. Disaster Shelter office adjacent to a Blaine's Grocery.
  • China Town: Located at the north-eastern edge of Danforth. A Satellite Uplink is located adjacent to a warehouse and the Beltway. (To get to it, go thorough a maintenance door that leads into the China Town area).
  • Port Norton Industrial Park: Located at the north-western edge of Danforth, in front of the Wiernotta Frieght company factory. Also where the F.U.C.M.E. Disaster Shelter is located. An Artillery Site is located in front of the Wiernotta Freight company factory, near the F.U.C.M.E. Disaster Shelter.
  • Willard Ave.-Green Arbor: Located at the west-central edge of Danforth. A Satellite Uplink is located across the street from the giant Danforth Water Tower.

Danforth Beltway Edit

  • Horvath Memorial Tunnel: Connecting the Beltway's US Route 18 Eastbound and US Route 18 Westbound on-offramp, this tunnel runs beneath Downtown Danforth and International District.
  • US Route 406 Southbound : Located at the south-eastern edge of Danforth. The Fairfield-Marshall on-off ramp serves as the starting point for Greyhound One.
  • US Route 406 Northbound : Located at the north-central edge of Danforth. The Raccoon City-Lancaxler on-off ramp is the location of a Drone Trailer.

Eventual Fate Edit

120px-SOD.jpg Spoiler warning!
The following may contain spoilers regarding game-play in State of Decay

There are two different outcomes for Danforth, depending on how far the player has progressed into the story.

Left Intact Edit

  • After rescuing all high value targets (and NOT finishing Sasquatch's missions), the player can use the option Extract from Danforth to pull everyone out of the city.
  • If Sasquatch dies before the player completes his missions, this ending also applies.
  • A similar outcome takes place if the player successfully rescues Vienna Cho, and learns about Sasquatch's intention to destroy Danforth with a tactical nuclear warhead. Vienna Cho then offers to disarm the warhead's radio signal receiver. The game ends with Cho's radio broadcast and Sasquatch berating the player for acting behind his back. (This happens regardless of whether the player tells Sasquatch to detonate the bomb after leaving the city).

Destroyed Edit

  • After completing all of Sasquatch's mission and learns of his intention, the player can tell Sasquatch to detonate the nuclear warhead after the next extraction. The game ends with Vienna Cho broadcasting a desperate message calling the military "monsters" and urging those who hear her message to get as far away from the city as they can.
  • If the player use the Extract option without telling Sasquatch to detonate the warhead, or even if he dies before or during the final siege, this is still the ending. After knowing of Sasquatch's intention, the only way to leave the city intact is by disarming the warhead.

Notes Edit

  • The city can be seen from the Trumbull Valley Dam reservoir in State of Decay and the Breakdown DLC, although it is completely inaccessible.
  • Many of the survivors in State Of Decay are described as being from Danforth, or have been there.
  • Despite being an urban city, there is no presence of Taxis (Unless you call for a Vehicle Delivery) inside of the city, which is quite irregular, since even in the Trumbull Valley area, a relatively rural area, taxis can be found.

Trivia Edit

  • There are a few shelters found throughout the city set up by the Federal Urban Center For Municipal Emergencies organization, which is humorously abbreviated to F.U.C.M.E.
  • The highway interchange in the north of the city has a sign for Raccoon City, the city in which the first outbreak of the T-Virus, the fictional Bio-weapon from the Resident Evil series, occurs.
  • The name of the 'Horvath Memorial Tunnel' is a reference to Dale Horvath, a character from early seasons of the hit TV Show, The Walking Dead.

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