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The County Court House is situated in the town of Marshall. It is inhabited by the enclave The Law, consisting of Judge Lawton, Sheriff Carl and his deputy Jackson Hollis, Ray Santos and a few characters in SWAT armor.

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Description and location Edit

The Courthouse is located in West Marshall, on the road that runs parallel to the river dividing the city in two. It is a large pink building with a dome on top, flanked by two Shooting Platforms. The fences and entrances are reinforced by concrete barriers and two heavy containers (which read INIVAS and NAMKRIK) . Two burning barrels are left outside the front entrance.

The first floor has a locker room and a press conference room. The second floor has a few small offices, some holding cells. In Story mode a Supply Locker can be found in one of the offices.

Item List Edit

Note: The building is only searchable in Breakdown

Gun safe



Trivia Edit

  • Once this location is no longer inhabitated (i.e. all inhabitants killed, or in Breakdown DLC) it is simply called 'Courthouse' and can be set up as an outpost.

Gallery Edit

  • Concept Art
  • Promotion picture
  • A picture of Mt. Tanner on the stair to second floor
  • Rummaging a gun safe on the first floor

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