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"PERSONAL SKILL. Now, let's everybody just calm down and talk this through, okay?"


  • Training: It's surprisingly hard to cultivate patience and understanding when you're caroming from crisis to crisis.
  • Break It Up: Reduces the chances of violent arguments.
  • Suicide Hotline: Reduces the chances of suicides.
  • You Gotta Believe: Reduces the chances of characters fleeing in panic.


  • Counseling is a personal skill derived from Funeral Director and Teacher among other traits.
  • It cannot be improved
  • Counseling does NOT improve the results of Anger Management, Melancholy or Fear morale missions.
  • Unlike it is stated in-game, Counseling does not decrease chances of violence or fear outbreaks. Instead it gives a chance for already triggered events not to have bad consequences. E.g. 'Character X was going to run away, but character Y's sixth sense allowed them to feel this beforehand and they talked character X out of it.'
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