The Corner Office is one of the home sites in State of Decay 2.

Relocating RequirementsEdit

Location and EnvironsEdit

Corner Office is located in Cascade Hills, in the middle of Lowl.


Existing Facilities:

  • 1 Chic Eatery Kitchen
  • 1 Overlook
  • 1 Sheltered Beds
  • 2 Parking

Open Slots:

  • 1 Large
  • 1 Small Indoor
  • 3 Small Outdoor

Trivia Edit

  • Due to a possible glitch, survivors on the Overlook may sometimes walk off the building and fall to the street below, occasionally injuring themselves.
  • With enough outposts, it is possible to build a "safe zone" across all of downtown Lowl.
  • Located near the Corner Office are 2 stores, Greene's Antiques and Glen's Goods. These are references to The Walking Dead.
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