The Container Fort is one of twenty-one home sites in State of Decay 2.

Location Edit

The Container Fort is located on Cascade Hills, within the most southern town.

Requirements Edit

  • 8 People
  • 3,500 Influence

Facilites Edit

Existing Facilites: Edit

  • Firesafe Storage
  • Workshop 3

Open Slots: Edit

  • 2 Large Slots
  • 5 Small Slots

+ Covered Area With 8 Beds built right in !!

Base Defense & Strategies Edit

Due to the Passive Bonus of +4 Armed Guards, as well as the high walls around the perimeter, the Container Fort is a very defensible home site. Zombies will only be able to get in through the front and back doors, and your survivors will automatically man the walls and open fire on any threats that approach.

The fort is right next to an electrical substation and a utility shed, which can be claimed as outposts to provide water and power to your base. The surrounding area of Lymeston is flush with materials for building, though other resources such as food and medicine are less common.

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