"Seems all the stores are closed. We need to build and maintain fortifications and every other thing we need to survive"

Construction materials are a critical resource in State of Decay. Their most obvious use is for constructing and upgrading facilities.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Moving to a new home site.
  • Building and upgrading facilities. Each facility has a fixed Material cost.
  • The Work Area and its upgrades use Materials and other resources to create various Consumable items such as Suppressors or Box Mines (some requires research at the Library).
  • Random events (for example walls needing repair) sometimes subtract 10-15 Materials from the base's stockpile. If there is not enough material to consume, Morale will drop by 10 (instead of 1).
  • Each Outpost consumes 1 Material daily.
  • The formula behind the daily material consumption is: (#Facilities + ((infestations in world + home size) / 10)) where outposts count as one facility. The church is size 2, the houses are 3 and the warehouse/fairgrounds is 4outpost Q&A by Sanya

Finding Construction Materials[edit | edit source]

Construction Materials, just like Medicine, cannot be created. Furthermore, they are much less common than Medicine, and are constantly consumed. Therefore, there is a high possiblity that the player can run out of Materials, making it a challenge if they intend to play the game indefinitely.

  • Construction Materials are commonly found at construction sites and warehouses. Every rucksack brought back to base adds 15 construction materials.
  • A Material Outpost decreases daily Material consumption by 2
  • The DLC Lifeline allows the player to request packages of materials to be dropped, using the Landing Zone
  • In Year One Survival Edition CLEO supply drops sometimes have materials packages.

Types of Scavengeable Material Resources[edit | edit source]

There are 7 types of scavengeable Material Resources, with different appearance and description. In addition, breaking them open gives the player different melee weapons.

  • Notes: Refer to "Item List" section below to see the weapons in each of the "Common", "Crap" and "Industrial" list. This data is taken from game file and untested. Also, items are ordered by chance of appearing (from most to least likely).
Name Description Break Open Amount
Stack of Construction Materials MATERIALS RESOURCE. Just what we'd need to do a little construction. Common 1-2
Hobbyist's Materials MATERIALS RESOURCE. A random collection of supplies for hobby projects. Common 1-2
Pile of Scrap MATERIALS RESOURCE. A messy heap of old building materials. Crap 1-2
Home Improvement Supplies MATERIALS RESOURCE. Supplies for a major home improvement project. In pristine condition. Common 1-2
Woodworking Materials MATERIALS RESOURCE. The leftover materials from a few carpentry projects. Common 1-2
Construction Materials MATERIALS RESOURCE. Commercial construction materials. Industrial 1-2
Construction Materials MATERIALS RESOURCE. Construction materials that were never sold. Industrial 1-2

Item List[edit | edit source]

Common[edit | edit source]

Crap[edit | edit source]

Industrial[edit | edit source]

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