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[[ru:Церковь Вознесения]]
[[ru:Церковь Вознесения]]
[[Category:Home Sites (State of Decay)]]
[[Category:Home Sites (State of Decay)]]
[[Category:Home Sites in State of Decay]]

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The Church of the Ascension is the first home site that the player controls in State of Decay.

Description Edit

The church was already occupied before the events of the game. When Marcus Campbell, Ed Jones and Maya Torres arrived, they are welcomed by Pastor William and Lily Ritter, the radio operator who directed them there, although Alan Gunderson is hostile and Sam Hoffman is indifferent.

Among the smallest of the home sites, the Church's meager capacity soon proves inadequate to the survivor group's population.

Location and EnvironsEdit

Ascension is located in the north-eastern corner of Spencer's Mill, hidden among dense forest and accessed by a single long driveway.

The Church is surrounded by a large belt of forest. To the north lie the beginning of the mountains, while single-family homes abut the tree-line to the south and east. Compared to most home sites, the Church of the Ascension is relatively isolated.


Upon its discovery, the Church already has 4 facilities constructed: Watch Tower, Bedroom, Cooking Area, and Medical Area. The church also supports a single parking space. Two additional facilities can be constructed, both outside.

Technically, the Medical Area is not a "built-in" facility, but rather a "freebie" given to assist new players. This is evidenced by the fact that this facility can be upgraded or removed. Furthermore, if the player moves back to the church after moving out, they will have to build the Medical Area by themselves

Base storage capacityEdit

Relocation RequirementsEdit

Defense StrategyEdit

  • On the whole, the church is not easily defended, although its seclusion and high wall improve defense for the building. There are several areas where the wall is vulnerable, so particular attention should be paid when zombies are nearby. Additionally, it is inadvisable to allow a group or horde of zombies to pursue a survivor back to the church, as the small group of survivors will have difficulty in putting down a massed attack.
  • Additional efforts should be put into making the church more defensible. In particular, the closest buildings should be cleared and established as outposts as soon as possible. This will help deal with hordes that appear on the streets of Spencer's Mill and keep the church safe.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Lily, there used to be 12 survivors at the church, but they have dwindled down to 6, including her missing brother Jacob and her father Thomas (who she doesn't know is dead at that point).
  • When the player selects the Bedroom facility, the text displayed is "Pastor's Quarter", hinting that Pastor William might have served here before the outbreak and helped shelter other survivors.


  • Concept Art
  • exterior view
  • "Alive Inside" written on the sign on the path leading to the church.
  • CotA Interior. Door on the left leads to Bedroom (used to be Pastor's Quarter)
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