Cascade Hills is one of the four main maps in the campaign of State of Decay 2, alongside Drucker County, Meagher Valley, and Providence Ridge.

Cascade Hills

First look of the Cascade Hills map, taken from IGN early gameplay videos.


Home SitesEdit

Current ConditionsEdit

Out of all three locations, Cascade Hills seems to have been hit the hardest. In addition to dozens of vehicle wrecks and abandoned buildings, the presence of makeshift Home Sites (Such as Container Fort and Bridge Fort) suggest that conditions in the foothills are far more apocalyptic than those of Meagher Valley and Drucker County.


  • Crocker's Corner
  • Crossroads
  • Ditchwater
  • Lowl

Strategy Edit

Cascade Hills has three "parts" that can be designated by the two rivers that split them apart. The eastern (right side of the map) section is scarcely developed excluding the small town near the starter home and one large base. The middle section between the two rivers has some more locations to loot, as well as three (including the Bridge Fort) home bases. The western (left side of the map) section is the densest part of the map, with two to three towns and the two larger bases.

From a scavenging stand point, having your base on either the far west section or the middle section is the best placement. There is very little comparatively on the eastern section of the map. It can easily all be looted from the starter base before moving to something larger. This will allow you to focus all your scavenging efforts on the middle and western sections of the map.

For the greatest efficiency, the middle section bases would allow for easier access to the entirety of the western side of the map, since all three major towns on the western side have a major road that come close to each other once they reach the middle section of the map.

Trivia Edit

  • Cascade Hills greatly resembles the Cascade Mountains region of the Northwestern United States. The name "Cascade Hills" could be a reference to this.
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