Introduction[edit | edit source]

Captain Diane Montressor is a NPC survivor in State of Decay. In the DLC Breakdown, she is a hero character titled "The Taskmaster".

Missions involving the character[edit | edit source]

  • Army Activity: She is seen briefly, ordering her subordinates to pack up and prepare to leave the area.
  • Insubordination: She is heard denying Sergeant Erik Tan's request for permission to help the civilians.

Unlocking the character[edit | edit source]

  • The player is required to play for 10 hours. Unlike other challenges, The progress does not reset when advancing another level.

Special: Death from Above[edit | edit source]

In Breakdown, having Diane Montressor (or Erik Tan) in the community gives the player access to this radio command.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Captain Montressor appears to be the commanding officer of the US Army contingent in Trumbull Valley. Sergeant Tan and his squad are under her command. She is also the representative of the US Army to the civilians of Trumbull Valley, often issuing radio instructions such as how to properly dispose of the infected and how to treat cases of Black Fever.
She gives several controversial orders during the course of the game, such as authorizing lethal force against squatters who resist 'lawful' eviction. It also appears that she ultimately pulls her forces out of Trumbull Valley, leaving Sgt. Tan and his squad to fend for themselves.

Pictures[edit | edit source]

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