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  • After playing for a few hours, the mini-map stops rotating and becomes static. During gameplay, a small portion of the mini-map disappears. When opening the full map, the mini-map can still be seen. This has only happened once in Marshall, while entering the lower part of the town. (PC)
  • The safe zone radius for the outpost does not show on the map.
  • Buildings that have had their resources discovered, but not yet cleared out, will show up on the map as the x'd out "nothing left" icon despite still having resources. They change back to proper map icons when revisited.
  • When using a 360 controller and viewing the full map it is impossible to scroll. (PC)
  • When playing with a friend the storage locker where you access you items sometimes cannot be seen.
  • When playing with a friend you cannot change characters when the character you're playing becomes tired or sick, the way you have to switch is to leave a re-join.


  • Sometimes NPCs and Playable Characters will move without moving their feet, for example. Sam was tired, and she put her arms on her legs like tired characters usually do, however she started moving while doing the animation.
  • When aiming down your sights in your base, the survivor will slide instead of walk.
  • Vehicles sometimes drive lopsided, with one side or wheel low.
  • Marcus's Afro becomes grey when running (sometimes when walking)
  • Truck has lost all texture and turned gray or purple while driving.
  • Framerate dropping while driving.
  • Zombies clipping through walls.
  • Zombies follow the player with no hit detection, they cannot touch the player and vice versa. Other Zombies  seem to not notice them.
  • Melee weapon turns invisible. The weapon still functions, and I can see the character swinging. If the player draws their gun, then performs a melee attack, the character will instead swing their gun as a melee weapon. To the best of my knowledge, this does not damage the gun. "Rifle butt" phenomenon confirmed in Lifeline.
  • Zombies climb a wall next to a building and fall into the building.
  • Zombies laying on ground spin as you move around them.
  • Open doors may look like they are closed. Press Y near door to fix
  • When searching/checking containers and an item is equipped within the container window (before being claimed to inventory) the game occasionally bugs the item, rendering it invisible or unusable. Guns will show a reticule when aimed, and melee weapons will have effect upon enemies but will be invisible and have no sound effects. (Took place with a pistol and a collectable sword)
  • If a building's interior is raised from ground level, often zombies will clip through and appear 'half buried' in the floor. They can only be hit by guns.
  • Having to jump over the sidewalk just to get off the road & on the path.
  • When running through a zombie horde with the modern pickup, the front end will elevate like you've run into a rock, occasionally, this will cause the truck to lift up one of the front corners and roll the truck and flick you up. Only happens with the modern truck and only when running over a horde.
  • Opening the map while using a vehicle's horn can cause the horn to continue playing until it is honked again. This can also happen with the police siren on police cruisers.
  • Textures stretch during gameplay. ie; instead of a window being in its normal position, I found one laying horizontally out of the frame and stretched across the room. The same happens with fences, toolboxes. Also characters (both player, NPCs) often have lines emanating from their chests. (here's the window example That means vertices in 3D meshes are not always correctly positioned.
  • In some instances while being chased a zombie may suddenly stop and lay flat on its back, as if it were killed or knocked down.
  • If unattacked for a certain amount of time, the big zombies will be glitched in their charge attack, rendering them invulnerable to any attacks you can give, making some missions impossible to complete, including one of the main story missions to get the doc to your house.
  • Zombie without head, that have been finished off, sometimes get up and attack survivors. After second kill they die pernamently.
  • When joining another player, the joining players flashlight is clipping through the character causing the flashlight to not fully show its light.
  • Rare instance where host's vehicle is invisible and running into it causes it to explode and launch into the air.
  • Rare instance where the joining players animation to get into and vehicle has them sit in mid air and when driving the character model is invisible in the car.
  • When exiting a vehicle the joining player can sometimes clip through the ground causing them to get stuck and possibly die (give access to unstuck in radio for joining players)


  • Scavengers either stopping on way back or get stuck in place (one occurrence where Ed went back to campsite when sent to warehouse down the hill).
  • Zombies become stuck repeatedly climbing some walls and fences in the same direction.
  • Runners often stand around aimlessly halfway through their supply mission.
  • Sam Hoffman's AI is broken in veterinarian mission. Trying to push her via cars but they keep exploding while triggering her.
  • I discovered a bug where a survivor i just saved dont follow me back to base (he stands there and when i talt to him there is written that he is busy) he doesnt get into my car and he doesnt move from the house i found him)
  • When playing with a friend zombies can become invisible and you can take damage randomly.


Storyline Missions

  • After completing The Wall, Lily cannot be given the watch from Memento, rendering it impossible to complete.
  • After completing The Wall, the two survivors, in this case Ed Jones  and Luke Outlaw, are rendered unavailable.
  • After completing the mission The Wall, it will have credits then go into the Menu. When click continue, the mission starts over again.
  • After completing the first segment of Lifeline: High Value Assets, the progression of the main story missions has stopped.
  • After completing the mission Exit Strategy the progression of the main story missions has stopped.

Backup MissionsEdit

  • Morale mission, "Lead the Way": subject does not follow to target area. Leaving base and subject will change target area back to base/subject. Only option is to exit game.
  • Occasionally when on a "Friendly survivors" or "Besieged" mission, upon arrival the survivors' icon begins moving around, as if running away. After moving a fair distance they stop, then move away again each time you get close. (PC Version)
  • Sometimes while on Morale Missions, (For instance "Fear itself") The survivor will not follow you. After moving out of their radius they will continue to idle and give the notification that they are waiting.

Mercy Shot MissionsEdit

  • Mercy Shot still there after someone is cured.
  • Drive A/I to isolated area. Once arrived, A/I gets out then walks away. Can't toggle speak, rendering mission impossible to complete. Alan Gunderson


State of Decay

  • Daily resources never decrease, eliminating need to scavenge all together 
  • Foothills / Cascade Hills: The +8 beds in the Container Fort which should be generated from the level 3 build in workshop are not available. So you have to build new beds for all of your survivors to avoid a moral penalty. 

State of Decay BreakdownEdit

  • (Breakdown) Cannot make Chemical Incendiary. After researching, having a Munitions Shop, Library with a Medical Lab, hovering mouse over the Chemical Incendiary in Munitions Shop, a post-it note with "Need Medical Lab" is still displayed.
  • In multiplayer, supply locker not available to mates, only host-leader.
  • Constantly says something is wrong with base, when attempting to repair the empty orange square appears to mates (not host-leader) and will not allow repair.
  • Generator does not provide power.



  • If you have set up your base at the Snyder Trucking Warehouse, the survivors in your group started to jog in a bee line fashion all together to your closest outpost. They will simply run and attack anything in between them, disregarding to any traps you may have set.  Once they have a clear path, they all huddle up in the outpost for a while until eventually things go back to normal. (XBOX)
  • In Breakdown missions you may get notifications that you are overstocked on Food/Medicine/Ammo/Materials/Fuel when you clearly don't. Nothing happens to your overstocked supplies during the passing of the night. (XBOX)
  • A survivor got sick after being hit by a bloater. The disease spread to 7 other survivors, which repeatedly don't recover even though you get the message "X has recovered from their illness!"
  • While on a mission "Stranger in Trouble" (the ones that end in the stranger(s) wanting to join you without being a part of an enclave) and getting a hero unlock while escorting them, after delivering the survivors the hero escort may be off the map in the lowest left corner.
  • Missing Survivors can fail to spawn while on "Find the Missing Survivor." This causes you to become stuck in a mission with no quest marker and no quest target.
    • To fix this, just search nearby areas that don't have markers on them. The survivor has spawned just not in the first area.

Lifeline Edit

  • After completing the first segment of Lifeline: High Value Assets, the progression of the main story missions has stopped.
  • Sometimes the game will generate an enclave, however no High Value Assets will actually appear within it, thus making it impossible to complete this part of the story.
  • Sometimes, a soldier will just stand there without reacting to anything.
  • PMC Reinforcements are especially useless in that regard.
  • When Hawkes died, she was still alive frozen, and you could walk through her.
  • Taunts are whispers (XBOX)
  • When you do the "Search and Rescue" at Ops, you get your own teammates. Most commonly Vince and Kilo (XBOX)
  • Search and Rescue does NOT work, either no soldiers or own teammates. (XBOX)
  • A refugee could not get extracted, so the refugee storyline stops. (XBOX)
  • Occasionally the grenade launcher will simply not damage Juggernauts regardless as to how many grenades are expended (once expended a dozen grenades to no effect).
  • Sometimes when using grenades/incendaries etc the explosions will not appear, however the weapons will still damage friends, enemies and your character alike if caught in their radius.
  • When repairing the gate of your base during a seige, sometimes the gate will completely disappear, although zombies will still not be able to pass through it as though it is still there. This appears to always correct itself once the seige is lifted.
  • When you do the "Search and Rescue" High Value Assets run to the west south of the map, there is no way to the location, then radio will ask you turnback to mission location 3 times then called fail.


  • Vehicles can merge with a spawned vehicle, causing both to explode.
  • Occasionally, the reverse trigger doesnt work: the only options are forward slow (reverse) and forward fast (gas).
  • Sometimes, a rucksack will disappear from the vehicles storage, not from the Supply Run Parking, They disappear one by one each time after placing another rucksack in there.
  • Occasionally the play may get stuck in their vehicle (pressing the interact button does nothing) this is rare, though it can cause the player to restart missions if it cant be fixed. [potentially game breaking]
  • Friends that join sometimes cannot open the passanger door to hit zombies. This happens occasionally.
  • Players can emerge vehicles accidentally causing them to flip and explode.
  • Cars can become stuck extremely easy on train tracks.
  • Cars can become stuck on random objects causing them to explode.
  • Cars can flip extremely easily if not careful.
  • Cannot drive cars at max speed. People can drive faster than you in the same car.
  • cannot drive any vehicle after 20g update, don't know how rare this is, tried differnt vehicle's, survivors, ect. Reinstalling game to try and fix.
  • (Mainly happend in the very west part of Cascade Hills) When you park your car to get out for a bit, when you come back, you can see it clearly, but when you try to approach it or get in, you just walk right through it like it’s not there? Restarting game makes them disappear completely . They are visible on map but out of sight. This has happend to two cars in the same area.


  • Lily stays sick with puking/fever after 15 hours despite having a infirmary and a Medic.
  • After the main menu stays on loading screen without loading game on Xbox one. Works fine on Windows 10.
  • When the Home Away From Home mission is available, the cut scene plays and Jacob Ritter stands waiting in the church for the trip. At this point if Jacob gets a morale mission it seems to override the Home Away from Home mission and it will no longer be available but Pastor Mulroney still gets the Black Fever and the player is still able to move their base regardless.
  • Supply lockers of other enclaves don't spawn any items, even after 48 real time hours (with exception to Grange- when the player gets the "Hot Coffee" message their storage locker is restocked with ammo and others)
  • Supply bug happened when the army reached the fairgrounds. (Need clarification)
  • The Help Doc Hanson mission appears on the map, but disappears after some time. This is followed by several cut scenes in the Home Site where survivors initiate dialogue with an invisible Doc Hanson.
  • Bug where stamina bar fully regenerates but still acts as if your player is still exhausted: can't sprint either
  • Moving to a new home base causes all in-progress main quest cutscenes to only be playable at the home base you received them in. For example, if you get the quest to go find Lily's father's watch while in the church, then move bases, you have to get the watch then go back to the church to get the cutscene and complete the quest.
  • When using a 360 controller game CTD when attempting to view the controls. (PC) 
  • Occasionally fully automatic weapons will continue to fire after the trigger has been released, expending an entire magazine. Has been observed in both story and Breakdown modes.
  • The screen turns blue with only the minimap remaining then the game freezes.
  • Sometimes after using a rifle, you are unable to use any pistols after you have lowered it one time.
  • When running your character stops as if you've hit an object even though you haven't and you've got full stamina.
  • Fuel and Medicine Outpost DO NOT Generate Any Resources.(PC-Yose Edition)
  • When playing with a friend the game can kickyou out at random times for no reason.
  • Xbox One X fans will run very loud, will overheat and shutdown the entire console while in the "Community Tab" for only a couple seconds.
  • xbox one gets stuck indefinitely on the first cutscene in the game

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