Once the player locates the Recreational Vehicle, Lily will inform them that it must be repaired before it can help them escape the valley.


In Breakdown's current state, it can be unclear what the player should do next since there is no mission marker on the map for this event, even though Lily mentions it needs to be done. Instead, the player should go into the journal, and navigate to the base blueprint. On it, they will see a icon (probably red) next to their outposts that represents the RV. Once the player selects that icon, they will see an item representing what needs to be fixed on the RV. Although randomized, they can include:

  • Flat tires
  • Empty gas tank
  • Disinfect RV
  • Repair engine

Each of these repairs require different numbers of supplies to complete. Once all the repairs are completed, the RV can be used to leave the valley. After each level of Breakdown, the number of repairs that needs to be completed before the RV is ready is increased by 1 (i.e., Level 1 = 1 repair, Level 2 = 2 repairs, etc.). The maximum number of items that need to be repaired caps at 4.


  • Large amounts of fuel are necessary for some "repairs" and each fuel resource scavenged only provides a small amount of resources (5 barrels). This may change the player's normal strategy if they are used to ignoring fuel resources or converting them to molotovs.
  • You can pick ur comunity with you by clicking on profile TAB and "send to RV" on a comunity member.

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