Character Info
Bob-Macklin-Portrait Bob Macklin

A lawyer from the city who happened to be in Marshall when shit went down.

Traits Jerk, Lawyer, Studied Linguistics, Fast Hands
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Jurisprudence, Research
Inventory Hammer

(Breakdown) Commemorative Hockey Stick

Relations Quentin Barnes - Enclave member
Jack Ferris - Enclave member
Becca Collins - Enclave member

Bob Macklin is a non-playable character in State of Decay, part of the Enclave The Grange. In the DLC Breakdown, he is a recruitable character with the same description, traits, and skills; however, with a randomized name.

Missions involving the characterEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Bob Macklin can die prior and during the mission Indefensible, making him the first inessential character in his enclave.


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