Blunt Weapons are a type of Melee Weapons in State of Decay.

  • The most commonly used tactic with blunt weapons is to knock down the target for a ground execution.
  • Blunt weapons have the fastest ground execution animations but a lower chance of instantly killing a standing target.

Description Edit

Blunt weapons have an average swing speed, average stamina consumption, are capable of sometimes hitting multiple zombies with a single swing, and are capable of knocking down zombies. They are the most commonly found type of melee weapon and widely used as the general purpose melee weapon by any character that does not specialize in another melee weapon type.

List of Blunt Weapons Edit

Name Description Weight Durability Ratio


2x4 A handy, short notice weapon. 5.2 1 5.2
2x4 Bracket Fitted with a metal bracket. 5.3 1 5.3
2x4 Nails Rusty nails are an added bonus. 5.2 1 5.2
Bat Swinging for the fences, metal style. 1.8 4 0.45
Baton A riot baton with some bolts added. 1.2 3 0.4
Cane Grandpa's favorite. 2.0 2 1
Cracked Pipe A pipe with flow valve. Valves are cool. 1.8 2 0.9
Cricket Bat Quality movie prop replica. 3.0 4 0.75
Crowbar No apocalypse is complete without one. 1.5 5 0.3
Escrima Stick A martial arts fighting stick. 0.8 4 0.2
Frying Pan You can't make an omelette… 8.5 3 2.83
Golf Club It's in the hole! 0.8 1 0.8
Hammer um, duh! 2.0 5 0.4
Lead Pipe Universal water-transporting tech. 3.0 4 0.75
Mace Found next to action figures. Replica. 2.8 4 0.7
Nail Puller Roofing tool, very tough. 2.0 5 0.4
Pipe Threader A ruthless zombie killing tool. 4.0 5 0.8
Pipe Wrench The apocalyptic handyman's best friend. 1.2 5 0.24
Poker Fire hot! use a poker 3.0 3 1
Prybar A great tool in a pinch. 4.0 3 1.33
Rusty Pipe A pipe with a heavy fitting on the end. 2.0 3 0.67
Table Leg The dinner table made the ultimate sacrifice. 3.8 1 3.8
Wooden Bat Swing for the fences. 2.0 3 0.67
Wooden Branch Speak softly and carry a big… 4 1 4
Wrench Heavy, reliable, durable. 1.0 5 0.2

List of Blunt Weapons added by Breakdown Edit

Name Description Weight Durability
Courtroom Gavel Nicknamed the 'Hammer of Justice' 1.7 4
Kanabo A wood and iron club weapon from the feudal Japan. (replica) 4.0 4
Pipe Bender Ask not for whom the bone bones. It bones for thee.. 3.0 4
Rebar A scrap of rusty rebar. 1.8 2
Telescoping Baton A sturdy police baton. 2.4 5
Candlestick High quality antique, they don’t make them like this anymore. 2.8 4
Rolling Pin Good for more than rolling a pie crust. 2.5 3
Tire Iron These leave an impression. 2.0 5
Fish Stunner Works equally well on zombies and cod. 1.3 3

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