"Master the use of Blunt Weapons"

After reaching level 4 in Fighting, a survivor can choose this specialization to improve their effectiveness when using Light Blunt Weapons. At level 4 Specialization, a Special Attack is unlocked.


"Clubbing zombies on the head is a surefire way to improve your Blunt Weapon Specialization."

  • Blunt Weapon Specialization is trained by killing zombies with a Light Blunt Weapon. This skill's XP gain rate seems unaffected by traits and facility bonuses, unlike Fighting.


  • According to the game file, each single kill gives 10 points, and Slaughter gives a bonus of 20 points.

Specialization DetailsEdit


  • Default (level 1) bonus to Knockdown Chance is +25%
  • The "points" part is data taken from game file (presumably XP requirement). Needs more testing.
  • For each level of Blunt Weapon Specialization, the player is rewarded with 1 Fame.
Level Points Description Benefits
2 200

Face, meet bat.

  • Knockdown Chance +50%
3 200

I think that made quite an... impression. Get it? Guys?

  • Knockdown Chance +100%
4 200 Bonk! (Weapon Specializations: Uppercut, Spinning Backhand)
5 300 Don't get so bent out of shape, they're zombies, not baby seals.
  • Knockdown Chance +200
6 300 Who needs a gun? Clubs don't run out of ammo.
  • Knockdown Chance +250%
7 300 Just call me "Skullcrusher" ... Please?
  • Knockdown Chance +300%
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