Blood Plague is a new feature in State of Decay 2. It is a bloodborne disease that appears to be a bizarre mutation of the original zombie virus. It replaces Black Fever and other diseases from the original State of Decay.

The blood plague appears to be a mutated strain of the zombie pathogen. As its name suggests, it is transmitted via blood. It is highly contagious and extremely deadly. The pathogen is carried by plague zombies, who are distinguishable from regular zombies by their deep red eyes, blood-red skin, and boiling pustules all over their bodies. The blood plague's primary vectors are Plague Hearts, giant piles of infected flesh and bone whose origins and biological makeup are still largely unknown. Destroying plague hearts will kill any plague zombies in its vicinity and prevent them from spawning in the area.

In State of Decay 2: Heartland, it is revealed that the blood plague has mutated heavily in Trumbull Valley, and has infested the region with plague walls. All zombies, including freaks, are now carrying the plague.

Cure Edit

One year into the outbreak, military scientists managed to develop a cure for blood plague by using infected tissue samples to counteract the effects of the disease. While not a vaccine, the cure does remove all negative effects from the blood plague. Crafting the cure requires 5 plague samples and 2 medicine, and can only be done at an infirmary.

Strategy Edit

When attacked by plague zombies, a bar will appear on your character's screen with a thermometer symbol. The bar will fill up with every additional attack from the plague zombies. If your survivor is successfully kept in base after exposure for a period of time before infection, the meter will reset. Needs validation However, if it fills up completely, your survivor will contract blood plague, and a timer will begin to count down. Once the timer hits zero, the survivor will die and reanimate into a plague zombie. Further attacks from plague zombies will speed up the timer, which can mean almost certain death for an unwary survivor surrounded by plague carriers.

A survivor with blood plague can be checked into an infirmary to stabilize the plague. This will temporarily stop the timer and keep infection from progressing, at the cost of 2 medicine per day. From here, the player has three options: cure, exile, or execute. The cure for blood plague requires 2 medicine and 5 plague samples, which can be easily obtained by killing plague zombies and destroying plague hearts. Alternatively, the player can exile the survivor or put them out of their misery. Executing the survivor will incur a Morale penalty.

Just like how normal Zombies can carry Blood Plague, Freaks in Heartland can also be carriers of the disease. This causes a major change in their appearance and even mutates them further to make them much more dangerous than they were normally.

Trivia Edit

  • The sounds that Blood Plague Zombies make compared to regular zombies sound more distorted, barely sounding human anymore.
  • Zombies carrying Blood Plague act and move more aggressively compared to regular zombies, and will always sprint to attack Survivors.
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