Blaine's Grocery is a supermarket chain in the State of Decay Universe. The there are two known locations, one in Marshall and the other in Danforth's Broadway Midtown district.

Opportunities and RisksEdit

Blaine's Groceries are a great source of food, and often spawn at least one source of medicine.

However, as they are located in major commercial districts, there is a great risk of zombies. There are large buildings, and freak zombies have a tendency to spawn in and around them.


  • The name "Blaine's Grocery" is a reference to the 2009 film Zombieland in which the main characters raid a grocery store called Blaine's Grocery for a box of Twinkies.
  • The Blaine's Grocery which is located in Broadway Midtown is most likely to be infested later in the game.


  • Building Interior
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