Black Friday FOB



Built-in Facilities

Landing Zone, Radio Post,
Mess Hall, Barracks,
Ops Center, Logistics, Perimeter Defenses

Parking Spaces



6 (or 8 with Sat-Comms)

Open Facility Slots

4 (Exterior)

Black Friday is the only home site featured in the DLC Lifeline. It serves as the forward operating base (FOB) for the U.S Military in Danforth and extraction point for civilians as well as high-interest personnels of importance.

The player assumes control of the home site after arriving here for the first time, and it cannot be abandoned.

Location and EnvironsEdit

Black Friday-Facilities

The Base's state after the player moves in

The base is located on Tyron Plaza former, in the Thornhill Square district at the south-west area of Danforth.


The base has 7 pre-built facilities:

Watch Towers' function is replaced by two Guard Posts and 1 building rooftop. (These are not displayed as home-site facility slots, and cannot be interacted with.)

In addition, Black Friday has 4 external facility slots, 2 parking slots and 6 Outpost slots (or 8 with Sat-Comms).

Base storage capacityEdit

Note: This is the capacity after the built-in Supply Room is fixed up.


  • On the Barracks wall there's a poster with the link This alludes to the real-life program to deliver video games to American troops in combat zones and recovering in military hospitals.
  • "Illegitimi Non Carborundum Mors Ad Te Venit" military motto are posted at this FOB. "Illegitimi Non Carborundum" is a humorous mock-Latin phrase meaning "Don't let the bastards grind you down."
  • According to the dialog, the base is nicknamed Black Friday by members of Greyhound one, who find the zombie hordes similar to customers squeezing in shops during a Black Friday sale. Also, according to Vienna Cho, Black Friday is located in the old mall strip, which can be another meaning of its name.

Gallery Edit

  • The Barracks
  • The Logistics
  • The Radio Post
  • The Mess Hall
  • The Ops Center
  • The Landing Zone
  • The Landing Zone, seen in a cutscene.
  • Black Friday, as seen from the nearby cell tower