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An NPC dies and reanimates during mission «Home Away From Home»

Black fever is a potentially fatal illness in State of Decay. All survivors can be infected.

Overview Edit

Story-wise, the player character first witnesses the effects of Black Fever during the mission "Home Away From Home". At Savini Residence, an NPC crashes through the front door, dies and within seconds reanimates into a Zombie.

It is revealed in the Lifeline campaign that Black Fever was one of the research topics of Dr. Thomas Horn, funded by the Human Future Fund. Sasquatch later reveals that scientists affiliated the CIA does not believe that Black Fever is caused by a virus, but by some other type of pathogen. Sasquatch speculates that it may be a parasite that inhabits and takes control of the brain of the host.

Lifeline also reveals the outbreak is not isolated to Trumbull Valley or Danforth, but is in fact global. The United States, Canada, Australia, Africa, Japan, China, Russia, Spain, New Zealand and Mexico are some of the countries experiencing outbreaks.

Effects Edit

Black Fever, like all other illnesses, can only be healed if the player's homesite has a Medical Area and Medicine (chances are increased by having an Infirmary and a survivor with Medicine personal skill)

If they are not cured the player might receive a "Mercy Shot" to prevent them from turning and harming other survivors. Black Fever will only affect characters after the mission Home Away From Home is completed in the main game, but can affect all characters at any time in Breakdown and Lifeline. The conditions for Black Fever vary, but typically if a character is put into a near-death state several times, are infected with Bloater gas or if they simply are heavily injured, they have a chance of contracting the disease. Characters will usually begin getting sick and will stay sick for some time, even with treatment, before their disease status indicates they have Black Fever. Unlike other diseases, Black Fever is extremely hard to treat and even harder to cure, and most of the time it is irreversibly fatal to the survivor it infects. If they are not mercy-killed, the survivor will turn into a zombie at some point after getting the Fever; even if the player is away from their base or is not playing the game, the infected survivor will still turn and may attack, kill, or infect other survivors as well.

Known Infected Characters Edit

Pastor William Mulroney
Alan Gunderson
Pfc. Winters

Erik Tan

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