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Alex "Becca" Collins is a non-playable character in State of Decay. In the Breakdown DLC, Becca is a Hero character known as "The Phoenix".

Missions involving the character Edit

  • All Grange Missions

Background Edit

Becca Collins is a member of The Grange Enclave, along with Quentin Barnes, Jack Ferris and Bob Macklin. She is bossy and has little patience for the others in her enclave; she was seen criticizing Jack Ferris for wandering too far for supply, leading to two more members having to search for him, leaving the enclave undefended.

Relationships Edit

  • Quentin Barnes: After a particularly harrowing supply run, he and Becca got drunk and had a one night stand. She didn't think much of it, but Quentin expressed a desire to pursue a relationship. The player's action (specifically, during the mission Bad Tidings) can determine the outcome of their relationship, as well as enclave's eventual fate.
  • Sheriff Carl: It can be guessed that Becca had a few run-ins with him back when she worked as a prostitute. Her hostility towards him can be attributed to him being a reminder of the past she is trying to forget. Sheriff Carl maintains that despite what she had done, Becca is "a good kid" and "deserves a clean slate".

Notes Edit

  • The player can get an achievement on the Xbox 360 for finding out the truth about Becca and then answering him "no". Same for completing the Quentin Barnes mission.
  • Becca is mentioned in a "missing girl" leaflet that identifies her full name name as Alex Collins.
  • In Breakdown, Becca is the only character with Tattoo Artist skill.

Pictures Edit

  • Becca Collins in Breakdown
  • Character sheet (Breakdown)
  • Becca Collins in State of Decay

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