A survivor's attitude (or mood) determines their actions and effectiveness. It is affected by various player-triggered events, such as the death of a fellow survivor or acquisition of resources, or the game's random events.

In terms of gameplay mechanic, attitude, along with improving skills, is another incentive for the player to keep rotating player-controlled characters instead of sticking to a few favorite ones.

Worsening attitudes[edit | edit source]

Many players complain about how certain survivors constantly trigger Morale missions or go missing, and chalk them up to being useless. However, this behavior is actually caused by negative attitudes. Attitudes change for the worse in the following cases (inexhaustive list):

  • Death of a fellow survivors: attitude of every survivor worsens.
  • Fights at home. For example, "survivor1 stirred up trouble, survivor 2 took the brunt of the abuse; survivor2's attitude worsens."
  • Getting sick/injured for a few days: attitude of the sick/injured survivor worsens.

Improving attitudes[edit | edit source]

In most cases, attitudes can only improved by completing missions with the character whose mood needs improving. The following tasks can improve attitudes (inexhaustive list):

  • Killing Hordes (only when the note "Too many Hordes" appears) is the most efficient, but rarely available method.
  • Bringing resources home.
  • Aiding another survivor in a Supply Run mission (note: completing this mission improve both survivors' attitude)
  • Clearing Infestations.
  • Bringing needed components home (for example, when building/upgrading facilities).
  • (Minor) Finishing a task with facility (for example, the Healer character receives an attitude boost after creating painkiller/stims, the Chef character after completing a Feast).
  • Bringing home belongings of a fallen ally.

As a rule of thumb, players should try to maintain at least a neutral attitude for all survivors, to keep from being overwhelmed with Morale or Missing survivor missions. This is especially true for players who intentionally kill less useful characters to make room for new ones.

List of Attitudes[edit | edit source]

Attitude Type In-game text Effect Notes
Abashed Guilty I really just don't know what to say.
Ambitious Proud I've got plans. Big plans.
Assertive Confident If you're not sure about something, just ask me
Bitter Angry Am I supposed to just take this abuse day after day?
Boastful Proud Did you see me out there today?
Brusque Neutral We've got better things to do than sit and chat
Charitable Proud Hey, let's not get caught up in pointing fingers, right?
Chippy Angry It's not my fault, I'll tell you that much.
Concerned Neutral Can't say this is the safest I've ever felt
Confident Confident We're doing pretty well.
Determined Neutral We're going to get through this
Depressed Sad There's no point in any of this. (Suicide risk) Might commit suicide
Distant Guilty Sorry, did you say something?
Frustrated Angry I've had just about enough of this shit.
Grim Scared Damn. That was too close
Helpful Grateful I'm happy to do what I can.
Insensitive Confident I learned a long time ago that there are two kinds of people in this world: People who appreciate my sense of humor and people who can go fuck themselves. Might cause fights and reduce morale
Meek Sad Yeah, sure. Whatever you say. Might trigger "Melancholy" mission
Moody Angry Just leave me alone, okay?
Nervous Scared Did my hands always shake like this? Might trigger "Fear Itself" mission
Numb Scared I don't know anymore.
Overbearing Proud Stick with me, do what I say, and you'll be fine. Might cause fights and reduce morale
Overeager Guilty Hey, if there's anything I can do, just let me know. I'm ready to go. Ready. To. Go.
Panic Scared We're not gonna make it! Might run away
Paralyzed Guilty I can't do this right now.
Pathetic Guilty I'm such a fuck up. Why do you even keep me around?
Pissed Off Angry This sucks.
Punchy Angry Back off. I don't have time for this shit.
Quiet Sad I don't have anything to say. Might trigger "Melancholy" mission

Ran Away

Hey, call me a coward, but things were going to hell. It didn't make sense to stick around. Makes it impossible to see the "real" attitude (possibly a bug) If the character runs away (go missing), this status sticks and never goes away.
Relaxed Confident I'm not saying there's nothing to worry about, but there's no need to panic. We're doing pretty well, all things considered
Secretive Guilty I'm fine. Don't worry about me…
Shaken Up Scared SCARED. I'm not sure we're gonna make it. Usually after recovering from an injury/ illness
Short Tempered Angry How about getting out of my face? How does that sound?
Spiteful Angry You're all a bunch of assholes Might attack and injure other survivors Might trigger "Anger Management" Morale mission
Stressed Scared I can't remember what it's like not having a knot in my stomach.
Sulking Sad I don't want to talk about it.
Sullen Sad Are things going to get better? I doubt it. Might trigger "Melancholy" mission
Supportive Proud You can do it. I'll help.
Trusting Confident The most important thing, at a time like this, is knowing somebody has your back.
Uncertain Neutral I don't know. What do you think?
Welcoming Grateful We'll be fine as long as we keep working together.
Wigged Out Scared I'm not sure we're gonna make it. Might run away
Worried Scared Honestly, I'm not sure we're gonna make it. Might trigger "Fear Itself" mission
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