Artillery Marker

"Toss this to target an area for artillery."

Artillery Marker is a special type of explosive in State of Decay. After being thrown, the grenade emits a red smoke marking the target. Precisely 6 seconds after that, the area around the smoke is bombarded with artillery shells.


  • Weight: < 0.01 lbs
  • Cost: 5 Influence


  • This item cannot be found by searching. It's only spawned by using the Death from Above Radio Command. Although the radio call cannot be stacked, Artillery Marker can, making it possible to accumulate large amounts of this highly destructive consumable item for use in later stages of the game (especially in Breakdown).
  • Unlike grenades, the markers don't bust through windows when thrown at them. Also, when using it to die in a Blaze of Glory, the player can hear a unique dialog line.
  • New variants of this item are added in Lifeline. In addition to red smoke for heavy artillery, there are now blue smoke for incendiary strike and white smoke for drone strike. Only the heavy artillery barrage can be used to die in Blaze of Glory. Also, they all still work when the marker is thrown underground (like in the car tunnel).


  • Red smoke marking target area