5.56 Ammo can

"Nobody's sure if money's going to be worth anything. So just like that, it isn't. The truest currency after the apocalypse is AMMO. Each case of ammo provides enough bullets to fully restock one of us multiple times over."

Ammunition is one of the 5 resources in State of Decay. It is consumed daily by survivors and used for making Consumable items.

Usage Edit

  • Ammunition is consumed daily. The formula is a complicated one involving the number of survivors, armed with or without a firearm, and the level of confidence they feel (depending on the number of hordes and infestations on the map) among other factors, such as Outpost cache's.
  • The Work Area and its upgrades use Ammo and other resources to create various Consumable items such as Firecrackers or Box Mines (some requires research at the Library).
  • Random events (for example Zed hunts) subtract 2 Ammunition from the base's stockpile.
  • The DLC Lifeline allows turning Ammo resource into usable Ammunition for all weapon calibers using the Ammunition Shop. Also, Ammo is consumed to place mines and fireworks traps around the base for defense.

Finding Ammunition Edit

Ammunition, while a scarce resource early in the game, can be one of the most abundant in late game

  • Ammo is commonly found in Gun shops, Army Stashes, Warehouses and sometime civilian Houses. Each rucksack brought back to base adds 5 Ammo to stockpile.
  • An Ammo Outpost increases daily Ammo gain by 3.
  • Various facilities such as Shooting Platform, Library or Dojo can be rented to neighboring enclaves for 2-3 Ammo every 1.5 (real time) hour.
  • The DLC Lifeline allows the player to request packages of ammunition to be dropped, using the Landing Zone
  • Ammo resource bundles will spawn in most containers that spawn guns(gun cages, gun cases, ect) the most notable exception is common house containers (like a dresser) all of which have a chance to spawn handguns.

Types of Scavengeable Ammunition Resources Edit

There are 3 types of scavengeable AmmunitionResources, with different appearance and description. In addition, breaking them open gives the player different types of ammo item.

  • Note 1: Refer to "Item List" section below to see the ammo types in each of the "Common", "Military" list. This data is taken from game file and untested. Also, items are ordered by chance of appearing (from most to least likely).
  • Note 2: "Amount" column likely refers to the number of "slots" (types) of ammo that appears. The number of rounds in each slot depends on what kind of ammo is dropped. Small rounds (like .22 cal) drops 30 per slot, while large caliber rounds (like .50 cal) drops 2 per slot. Again, this is speculation, not yet backed by extensive testing.
  • The process of determining what kinds of rounds are dropped when breaking open an ammo crate is as followed (speculation):
    • A random number of slots is chosen
    • In each slot, a random type of ammo is chosen from the drop list, based on their weight (i.e chance of appearing). Sometimes nothing is chosen.
    • If two or more slots rolls the same type of ammo, they are grouped into one slot.
    • The player sees the rounds dropped.
Name Description Break Open Amount
Case of Ammunition AMMO RESOURCE. Unopened case of ammunition Common 6-6
Case of Military Ammunition AMMO RESOURCE. Military grade. Military 2-6
Random Boxes of Ammo AMMO RESOURCE. A hodgepodge of ammunition. Common 4-7

Item List Edit

Common Edit

Military Edit

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