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Character Info
Major Alicia Hawkes Pic Alicia Hawkes

Transferred to the Military Police stateside after being cleared of a friendly-fire incident. Never wanted to hold the lives of her fellow soldiers in her hands again. Now all bets are off.

Traits Basic Training, Sniper Qualified, Bad Call, Organized Leader
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Leadership
Inventory RFB, P 38 Stobaugh, Telescoping Baton, Large Backpack
Relations Kilohana Young (colleague)

Royell Vincent (colleague)

Major Alica Hawkes is the first playable character in the DLC Lifeline. She is the commanding officer of the Greyhound military company, and later takes charge of the 'Black Friday' base.

Notes Edit

  • Hawkes is an "Organized Leader", meaning the Ops Center gives bonus to Research rate when she is in command.[1]
  • Besides Basic Training (the same as all military characters in Lifeline), Hawkes has the Sniper Qualified trait. These two traits give her max Shooting, and the player is free to choose her specialization at the beginning.[1]
  • It is revealed in-game that Alicia Hawkes (who was Lieutenant at the time) and Kilohana Young served together in Afghanistan.[2]

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References Edit

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