Character Info
AliceMillerPortrait Alice Miller

Owner, sole waitress, and part-time cook at the Fork in the Road Diner.

Traits "Team Mom", Trumbull Local (SoD only), Actor, Waiter, A Pack a Day
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Modeling
Inventory 2x4, Small Backpack

(Breakdown) 2x4, 1x Snack

Relations Sam Haney - Enclave member

Alice Miller is a non-playable character in State of Decay and a playable character in the DLC Breakdown. While her last name is randomized, Alice Miller is the name used in the game's file.

Missions involving the characterEdit


  • After the mission A Helping Hand, Alice and her enclave won't appear in any mission, and the enclave will most likely collapse after a real-life day passes.
  • Despite being described as a part-time cook, Alice doesn't have the Cooking skill.