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Character Info
Alan Gunderson por Alan Gunderson

Alan has been a forest ranger with the Department of Fish and Wildlife since he graduated from community college.

Traits Autocrat, Cop, Liked Range Shooting, Eagle-Eyed
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting,
Inventory 700 Huntsman, Baton
Relations None
Character Info
Alan Gunderson por Alan Gunderson (The Killer)

Alan has been a forest ranger with the Department of Fish and Wildlife since he graduated from community college.

Traits Autocrat, Cop, Liked Range Shooting, Eagle-Eyed, Hero
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Rifle Specialization
Inventory Mk. 15, Kukri
Relations None

Alan Gunderson is one of the first survivors encountered in State of Decay. He stays at the Church of the Ascension, along with Lily Ritter, Sam Hoffman and Pastor William Mulroney. In the DLC Breakdown, Alan is a Hero character known as "The Killer".

Backstory and Personality Edit

The only thing known about Alan's past is that he used to be a Forest Ranger in Trumbull Valley, which he doesn't hesitate to flaunt when trying to reinforce his authority (seen in mission The Vet Clinic).

Alan also has a blunt, cold practicality, judging fellow survivors by their usefulness. In a conversation with Sam, he mentions not caring about Jacob, but losing Thomas is a shame as he is a pretty good shot, to which Sam replies "You're one cold-hearted bastard, you know that?". He also makes back-handed insults to Lily, implying she's a "freeloader" that keeps using up the medicine (see mission The Voice On The Radio).

Alan consistently insists on getting rid of survivors he sees as a threat to the community's survival, himself included. He kills the infected Pastor William and shows no remorse; after finding out that he is also infected, he leaves the group and commits suicide (or asks the player character to kill him) (see Alan's Death).

Gameplay-wise, Alan has the Autocrat trait, which often leads to an overbearing attitude, adversely affecting Morale.

Missions involving the Character Edit

Unlocking the character (Breakdown) Edit

  • Alan Gunderson is unlocked by completing a Mercy Shot mission. Details can be seen on the mission page.

Alan's Death Edit

Alan can, and often does contract Black Fever after killing the infected Pastor Will.

The player then has the choice to either kill Alan in a Mercy Shot Mission, or Alan will leave a note saying that he went to the Fork in the Road Diner. Player then can go to find him in which Alan will say that he will die anyway so he requests to be left alone. The player then leaves the area and hears a gunshot from the diner, implying that Alan shoots himself to ensure that he will not reanimate.

The Black Fever event involving Alan can only happen if Alan is at home to kill the Pastor Will. Otherwise, the Pastor reanimates and kill 3 people before being put down, and Alan can potentially survive the rest of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • A letter addressed to Alan can be found in-game, declining his repeated requests for .50 caliber hunting rifles.
  • Alan's character is voiced by Undead Labs dev, Brant Fitzgerald.

Gallery Edit

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